Where can one get these gunner mags I hear so much about?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 2_Canadian_Beers, Apr 24, 2005.

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  1. As many of you know I am awaiting my empolyment in the army, but am hearing much talk about these gunner and solider mags, I know about navy news but where can I pick up the gunner and solider mags?

    Cheers 2CB
  2. You used to be able to buy Soldier at WH Smiths

    Gunner on the other hand don't worry about, you'll be bored of them once you are in
  3. Is this the forum to reminisce about the old style of Gunner mag before it was made "glossy?" :? I understand that we need change, but it's been dumbed down a little. Mind you, it's a fine to appear in it , write an article for it. The only thing it's good for is to get LOCSTATs from "lost comrades": i.e.

    "Bloody hell, can't believe he's still in."

    "That sounds like a really dossy job, I might apply for that in two years!" :wink:
  4. it's still good for one thing - getting champagne off your mates when they appear in said glossy magazine.
  5. Gunner magazine dumbed down? Boy, that would be hard to achieve!! I'm not saying it has always been a bit neanderthal..oh no sorry apparently that was my point entirely. Lovely articles about skiing, tug of war, whose got the yachts out - really, them again? - tug of war and oh yes orienteering. What do you mean I mentioned tug of war twice? The Regiment loves TOW!!

    Still there is always the RAA notes for inspiration; do you really want to grow old if you are going to look like that? Blackpool or hell? Give me hell, at least I'd know most of the people on my intake already... Drink up, alcohol related death may be the only hope we younger gunners have left!

    Tongue LOCSTAT? Firmly in cheek but you have to admit the gunner has never exactly been the RA Journal now has it? Now that is a cerebral piece of reading matter or my name is not Cuddles of the Artillery!!
  6. I heard a rumour that officers read RA Journal and cross out people from their intake at YOs when they leave or get a cr*p job. Any truth to that story?? :?
  7. The mag's contact E-mail address is a Hotmail one???!!!

    That's beyond sad.

  8. Thought that was the Blue List (not to be confused with Colonels promotion list - I should be so lucky...). Just received the 2005 edition and it appears to have been printed on, as far as I can make out, toilet paper. Now where are my highlighters and flags...
  9. Gunner Mag is great !!! If you re in the TA.
  10. You would like to think that, it being a magazine for the Royal Regt, Gunner Magazine would get all the details/Regt names/Soldiers names correct. When they were in Iraq during 2004, 1 RHA were called 1 Regt RA. Is the editor a civvy??

    School boy error, or someone having a dig at First?? :?
  11. Yes - editor fairly new and, you guessed it, not (herself) military. But the fault is often with the contributors rather than the editorial staff. I'm sure no offense was meant!