Where can one find a hacker when one is needed?

I see that there are a couple of new websites reserved for launch at an appropriate time. This according to an article in Today's Telegraph.
I am sure there must be someone here with the ability to reach out and add some suitable messages to these. Draw attention to his sort of, you know, come on, support for the guys he sent to death's door and the selfless way she accepts £100,000 rewards when SHE goes on a tour.
Loved this part in the 'Telegraph' article:
'In the summer she was originally billed as the "First Lady of Great Britain" for a list of engagements in June next year in Canada and the United States. The publicity material was hastily changed when the elevation of Mrs Blair came to light.'
Where is BFG_9000 :thumright:
Who would want to see this cow at close quarters? Never mind listen to her talk, and pay for the experience. Nowt as strange as folk.

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