Where Can I replace Medals, Folks?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by walter_mitless, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Hi Lads and Lasses.` Just an enquiry. Came out of the Mess recently but like a tw8t lost me medals. Well, I say lost, I mean they were chucked out by a mad missus with a big bag-on. U know what I mean, u been there too.

    Anyone know where I can get (not so expensive as those I've tried) replacements from? Last time I asked it was fifty quid a go.

    Gong astray are: 1 LSGC, 1 NI GSM, 1 UN Service. I know, hardly worth mentioning, I could be talking about Boys Club stuff. But what else will I have to b*llsh*t the grandkids with.

    Help appreciated and also to me email: emailclient@postmaster.co.uk

  2. Hello. i recently got mine replaced at www.messdress.com. posted them thursday evening, had them back on Saturday morning. faultless service and rather cheap to boot. hope this helps :D
  3. Speak to your SSA in RHQ. He/she should be able to help you. You might even be able to get them replaced for free.
  4. This must be a funkin wind up gents, He's a WALT! only three posts and he's asking for "replacement" Medals, more like its Rememberance day coming up and he can't get a chick unless he makes up some waltish stories about Bos/NI!
    Anyone normal Senior in a mess would simply ask his old mates or look in soldier mag ect.
    I smell a fish here.....
  5. I have to admit, I've been in the same situation, where an ex has thrown away my Blues AND my Two's, complete with medals.....Not only that, but my entire green kit went as well....

    Wouldnt have been so bad if I'd actually done something wrong....
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    er .. needless to say you reported her to police for theft and destruction of MoD property (well the greens at least), before taking her outside and whipping her like a frenzied shi'ite.

    Please tell me that's the way it happened!
  7. There are no flies on you mate.

    It wasn't anything to do with his user ID and his signature was it? I'm surprised he got even one reply. Someone is very bored today as posts like this are cropping up everywhere.
  8. Actually guys; the name and signature don't say much else about me.

    Thankyou to those who replied with helpful information about how to replace lost medals. To those who answered otherwise; may I say I did sixteen years regular service. I came out as an SNCO, and with a clean sheet. I'm actually not really a "walt" and my signature described what I do now.

    So, that said, may I as a newbie, join the site and make contributions?
    Unless the site's exclusively for serving personnel, which case I'll bow out.


  9. Respect and best wishes to all the people on Ops...Gulf, Afghanistan,
    and anywhere else worldwide. God bless you, and keep you all safe.
    I assure you that if they'd let me; I'd bl**dy well come and cook
    yer Crimbo dinners myself. :D

    By the way; seriously. If any of you could fix that, please tell me.
    Any friendly officers willing to ship me out there to be with the lads?

    Those who pointed me towards the Mess Dress website did me a
    huge favour. The four medals I lost, can be replaced at around
    half the cost my local Plymouth Union Street Tailor wanted ( £50 each).

    Since I have no use for the tins for myself , after the next Remembrance Sunday; I shall giving them to my daughter "for posterity don't you know". But thankfully, at a reasonable cost.

    Definitely a quick, polite and efficient service at The Mess Dress.

    Regards to all,
  10. 22A


    What are you after - miniatures or full size - if miniatures try ebay. They are not too expensive. If ful size - you can do the same or go through the medal office - I did that with me NI medal - cost a bit and they put replacement on it for you - nice.
  11. Thanks 22a. Any help, and someone kind enough to reply, is very much appreciated. I send my regards to everyone for the work you are doing and the risks you face, where-ever you may be.

    My service was confined to NI during the eighties. I very much appreciate the difference compared to other conflicts, and today's operations, though I don't denigrate NI service which also carried its risks.

    Still haven't had any offers to help serve up crimbo dinners to the folks on actives. Well, you never know.....


  12. Ern you could always get some medals from a medal shop