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Where can I get this?


Make sure that you use good insulation on sides and roof, tin tents are cold if not well insulated. Mine is very snug even in winter.


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I have built two campers, both on Merc chassis, first one a 308, the second on a 412 Sprinter. The first one I built the furniture myself and used boat gear for the fittings. The second one, I dropped on a supplier in Grimsby at an industrial estate in Convamore Road, can't remember his name, he has a warehouse full of caravan gear, all very good quality and very fair prices. Don't know if he is still there though.
Some great responses folks. I love Arrse (no, not in that way). I spent nearly an hour googling and got nowhere. You guys get results in minutes. :)

If you're still searching for honeycomb cardboard its available on eBay UK, just search for this: Honeycomb Cardboard Sheet Pads Craft Divider.

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A false floor and a concealed storage area for gaffer tape, chloroform and handcuffs, you’ll soon be out on the open road.

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