Where can I get the best cup of coffe in KAF?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Outstanding, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Any good ideas?
  2. Tim Horton's Coffee Shop on the boardwalk when I was last there.

    You in particular will be pleased to know that they all wear uniform to work :)
  3. Timmy Hortens for sure, although its not on the boardwalk now, its opposite Canada house.
  4. Timmys is still in KAF - thank feck for that, I was most upset to see it had gone when I was there a few weeks ago.

    Try the NAAFI bar, does some decent cakes (judging by the size of the RAF babygrow wearing fraternity that seem to live there ;-) ) or otherwise Green Beans if you want coffee to keep you awake for the whole 6 months of your tour.