Where can i get Sheets of Talc ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by swampmonster, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Ok im'not even sure if that is the right name for it..Have a project to get done, but need sheets of what i aways called "Talc" to make Map overlays...Anyone got any idea where/and who sells it..the bigger sheets (about 1m by 1 M or larger) that i dont seem to be able to get through the system...buying it seems the best option for me as the time line is a bit on the short time..... 8O


  2. 9330-99-125-5426 - Map Talc - D of Q Ro (Roll)

    Edited to add; just noticed you said you're unable to get bigger sizes through the system. I don't know the dimensions of this one, sorry.
  3. Find a large laminating machine and run it with no paper to laminate. Hey presto!

    (It's what I did)
  4. I've also looked for proper Talc - and its hens teeth through the system.

    I ended up getting sheets of thin acrylic material from B&Q - shed ( sorry) roof & windows type. Not cheap, a bugger to cut and not flexible, but fine for fixed map-boards & displays.

    Good luck !
  5. Still worth a try though Cheers !...will use that to get "System stuff" but still on the hunt for a civi supply...as this time of year will get nowt though my mob unitl Jan, Trying to get some stuff done over Christmas...

    Does places like "Office World" do things like this ?
  6. Is it your fault there is no talc? Or someone elses? If someone elses just draw on the maps....
  7. Er..to be honest yes its my fault (but i'm blaming the CQMS :D ) we ran wild with the amount we had ....And i need about 4 overlays so drawing on the map for options to my project...and the area covers most of a 1:50 000...
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The stationary manufacturers '3M' make acetate rolls that will do for what you require. You can try sourcing it from any major stationary outlet such as Staples or Ryman, but failing that I found this online.

    Good luck mate!
  9. Great RP578....there is a "Office World" in Glasgow...so will pop up there tomorrow.... (did not know 3M made it so now a lot more easy to find)

    They have 3M products on their "bumf"

    just the ticket ! :)

    Thanks to all that dropped in with ideas/advice

    edit due to being a mong about staples....
  10. The material described above is acetate which can be difficult to mark/write on. Architects, engineers etc use Mylar for this. Other trade names for the same thing are Melinex and Hostaphan. Places that sell to artists and architects would have it. Not quite as shiny as acetate.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The type that's advertised in the link above is specifically made for writing on. I have used the A4 sheet version for my work before and it serves the purpose well enough.

    Du-Lar/Mylar can be pretty pricey over here (are you in the CONUS? No one calls it Mylar in Europe) and frankly I'd be surprised if you can find any in an on-street retailer.