Where can I get DPM cordura style material?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BedIn, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. As the title says...

    And would it be IR reflective?
  2. I did find on Ebay a 2mx3m DPM cordura 1000 denier (?) auction, not sure if it was IRR
  3. depend what sort of quantity you are after, however i would suggest that a call to one of the major contractors who make up for MAN@QM and some smooth talking may spring you a freebie.
  4. I bought DPM 1000 denier nylon with IRR treating from hereMOD Spec DPM They sell 50 metre rolls at around 5.4£ a metre at 1.5 wide .
    I''m not sure the can sell you a small amount but you can always ask.

    Yours REG646
  5. You can try VitaPruf in Salford or Cortman Textiles in Preston, they both produce the Cordura
  6. You can buy 1000 denier camouflage IRR UK/SC/4936 MOD spec from J B Broadley (01706 603661) and also British Desert print non IRR also some other Dutch Belgian and Danish prints.
  7. QM's Dept is meant to (cough) supply soldiers with IRR washing powder, so just ask about and get the part number.