Where can I get DPM cordura style material?

As the title says...

And would it be IR reflective?
depend what sort of quantity you are after, however i would suggest that a call to one of the major contractors who make up for MAN@QM and some smooth talking may spring you a freebie.
I bought DPM 1000 denier nylon with IRR treating from hereMOD Spec DPM They sell 50 metre rolls at around 5.4£ a metre at 1.5 wide .
I''m not sure the can sell you a small amount but you can always ask.

Yours REG646
You can buy 1000 denier camouflage IRR UK/SC/4936 MOD spec from J B Broadley (01706 603661) and also British Desert print non IRR also some other Dutch Belgian and Danish prints.

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