Where can I get a Veteran Blazer Badge?


I've been thinking about getting my dad a blazer with his regiment badge on but I have absolutely no idea where to look?!? He served in the Merchant Navy... can anybody recommend a website? That would be a massive help! thanks
Have you tried searching on Flea Bay? there are several Ebay Shops that have Blazer Badges, Regimental and Unit Plaques etc. just do a search in there and I am sure you will find what you are looking for, I would have thought you could get individual Ship Badges, do you know what Ships he served on?

Have done a very quick Flea Bay search for you, here you go:

MERCHANT NAVY BLAZER BADGE , ROYAL NAVY on eBay (end time 26-Nov-10 15:27:01 GMT)
What style blazer does he wear, something like this?

Good news then misssmith, although that link I added for Fleabay was the actual item you were indeed looking for... in general you can find most things on Ebay, from 'Genuine' - "ahem - cough" Flame Retardant Flight Suit & S6 Respirator worn by one of 'Them' during the Iranian Embassy siege, to SAS Exhaled Air and captured in an empty 58 Pattern water bottle...

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