Where can I get a smart new property book for my regiment?

I am looking for a smart, nicely bound property book for my regiment. Currently, we use scraps of paper stapled together - not very smart.

I'd imagine that the same supplier might also make mess minutes books, warning-in, warning out books and the like.


DO NOT speak to your RAOWO mate, he will only know the answer if he has been a property member himself !!! Go through your Regimental/Corps HQ mess, or dig out a receipt for the last book to see where it was bought from !!
The book will need to be purchased from mess funds or PRI if its for the Unit.
Why not drag the Regiment into the 21st century and have your property book on CD. After all, MOD and other high formations have converted paper books and manuals to CD, so why not your property book. It is also easier to maintain and you can produce a pretty label showing the Regimental crest.

If you ask around, you may find that it has already been done by someone, somewhere, who might give you the Db or spreadsheet already formatted to save you a bit of work.

Sounds like an outstanding project for an aspiring JO out to impress...
You could try the 'smart, nicely bound property book shop' I think there is one in Keflavik, half day closing on a Wednesday:)
I think you'll find that the SPS branch at your Bde/Div HQ will have an opinion on what format it should take - we had to ditch ours in favour of a computer printout.

On the other hand I don't give a toss what they want so try:


G Shepherd (Portsmouth) Ltd.
Ridgeway House
Unicorn Rd
Hants PO1 4RD

They do/did a range of books.

For the more obvious books (game, polo, fishing, visitors) try the General Traiding Company in Sloane Square.

There is also a erally good book binder in Cyprus (in Limassol) - someone in Episkopi Garrison should know. They are called Helias or Helios or somesuch.
If you want to have an electronic record of your property book with nice pictures so that you can identify items, ring the Churchill Officers' Mess in JHQ Rhiendhalen. They have a programme that prints out the property checks and Bar Codes everything - made my checks very easy :0)
Avoid the Churchill Mess Property Book like the plague, the only depreciation spreadsheet that accounts for items with a a less than zero value - klusterfx someone is now sorting.

A nice cheap blue Banner Book will do, simple jobbie if properly maintained - why waste Mess Money on an impressive green gaudy tome noone reads - spend it on Happy Hour !

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