Where can I get a military caracture done?

Hi all,

I'd like to present a 'military style' caracture to the unit I've just left as a thank you gift and was wondering if anyone on arrse could recommend somewhere where I could get it done?

I'm looking at getting the 7 lads in the office 'cartooned' onto a framed picture - if that makes sense!



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I got a bloke to do our unit football team some time ago, his work was bloody brilliant, then I was in a position to ask him to come to a massive (300+ past and present WOs & SNCOs) regimental diner at RMAS, he could make a lot of money on the night, but in return would he be willing to sponsor the event for £100 up front (NAAFI Financial coughed up £300!), he said he would do the event but didnt want to pay to sponsor, so Im not going to give you his contact details.


Try one of these

They usually need 3 photos of each person, one front on and one from each side.

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