Where can I find ancestry info military

Apologies in advance I've tried searching ancestry websites but you have to pay or I'm looking in the wrong places so hope someone here will link me to the best places to look for this info.

I'm trying to look up info on my granddad, I know he was at Dunkirk and then afterwards he went back to Normandy during the invasion, I don't know if he was at D Day though. My dad said he lied about his age when he joined up because he was too young at the time but I guess they needed any man they could. Nobody knows anything specifically about his experiences as he never discussed it but he was definitley at Dunkirk and Normandy.

His name is Thomas Jones (yeah hard name to search) and he was in the Royal Artillery.

Please help me with this or point me in the right direction.
Regimental museum has GOT to be the first place to look. If you have his regimental number you will almost certainly gain at least some information.

After that it is the MOD records here


I seem to recall I paid a very nominal fee and got my Granddads basic mil service history from them but if you want to start digging deeply either be prepared to pay some of the very good researchers that are out there or to get stuck into the regimental historical paperwork yourself.

I ended up travelling to Edinburgh to find out about my granddads 3rd Carbiners history, simply because the original unit had merged and then merged again and then merged again. His history had moved from West Brom to Edinburgh. I probably did more miles chasing his history than he actually did in Burma.

BUT the guys I dealt with in Jockland could not have been more helpful and all it cost me was the travel, just make sure you ring and converse with the record keepers at the Regimental Museum beforehand. Turning up at the museum without calling first and expecting full access just because a relative served won't really get you anywhere except a frustrated trip back home.

It takes a fair amount of time to do but is well worth it in the end.
I will ask my brother for my Fathers army number I know he has mi dads old docs.
I can then request all the info held on him by HM Gov under freedom of information act.
Received the other week my own personal details, best read/laugh I have had for years, took 7 months to come.
"Cpl Will must learn to be less critical of the Army system."

Didn't know 2 i/c was stood behind me darn't pub one FTX.


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