where can i buy some nice speedos?

anyone no where i can buy some nice tight speedos? . ive looked around the town but cant find none or im just not lookin properly .
i have some swimmin shorts but they wont let ya wear them only tight speedos?

thanks luke
how am i a pevert ? im just asking where can u buy some speedos and im sayin their tight becuase they are? (u no a joke) . and u need them for trainin so . so dnt turn this into a arguement . proper answer plz


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There's a contradiction in terms!!!

It's either a wah, or you are truly a throbber.


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These are what you need for basic me old china!

own initiative springs to mind? this is the world wide web you can buy fucking baby's and tigers on ere ...somewhere lol and u cant manage to find a pair of bloody speedo's GET A GRIP
The Blue Oyster bar may be a good place to look for speedos, not the NAAFI bar methinks.

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