Where can I buy a British Army Clasp Knife?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Watcher, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Can I still buy the old fashioned British Army clasp knife; the one with marlin (?) spike on it. Fed up with Gerber knives that break and then they won't send a simple spring from the US! Want something simple and solid.


  2. msr

    msr LE

    Try searching for 'clasp knife'

  3. Thanks MSR...hadn't thought of that.

    Was hoping for guidance on whether there were originals, fakes, good copies etcetera out there.
  4. Low Mills Range In Cumbria had some a couple of weeks back
  5. If you remember them being a bit crap and not holding an edge, you'd be remembering correctly. Better out there for the job.
  6. Get a proper yachtsman's clasp knife. Exactly the same but a little less "made by the cheapest bidder" workmanship.
  7. Wassup ? Keep breaking your Gerbers on terry's necks whilst slotting them ? :worship:

    If you can't find one for yourself in this day and age then you really shouldn't be thinking about handling a knife at all let alone a clasp knife which you probably won't be able to work out how to open. :D

    LAME question to ask on here matey. Crab by any chance ?

  8. I have always found ARRSE a useful source of good advice (at least until now) hence my request.

    My experience with Gerber mulitools is nothing quite so exciting; I broke the spring on the scissors (which I use for trimming fishing line) and they won't allow me to fit a new spring myself (lest I cut myself rather than Terry). I have to send it to the US for repair which is just too much effort.

    The significant attraction of a knife with a marlin spike is the ability to splice rope.

    Anything else? No? Good.... back in your box then sunbeam.
  9. There's several pieces of advice I COULD give you but suffice to say the clasp knives of all types are to be found on Ebay UK in the militaria section of collectables and go for paltry sums. Even those with marlin spikes :D

    When I managed to break my Leatherman, I sent it back to to the UK dealer and he replaced it with a new one for the cost of the postage and in less than 3 days. Can you not do that ?

    Always pays to buy quality.........................

  10. Had a 3 piece since 1980 always had a good edge on it,suppose it helps if you know how to put an edge and maintain it on a blade.
  11. Why don't you try the gerber dealers in the UK they should all honour the lifetime warranty without having to send it to the USA?
  12. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    World Wide arms do them, but they are not the cheapest around by a long chalk and I would stick to looking out on ebay for one