Where can Gary Glitter go now?

Who fcuking cares.
One place i'm sure he won't be going is PC World.


I went to a Gary Glitter concert in 1991, when he had a minuscule "comeback", and before his infant fetish came to light. He can come back here, so long as he bring the daughters of the various ladies at the same concert along with him. And their mums as well, fuck it.
After a long spell in prison, he'll need some unhurried relaxation and a little gentle exercise away from the attention of the Press.

I'd suggest a long walking holiday on the Dogger Bank


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Sealand - The need to advertise their dodgy online casino and money laundering activites, so I'm sure the adage 'No press is bad press' would apply. I'm sure Mr. Gadd - as a dodgy fcuker - would more than satisfy their Immigration criteria. Don't think he will find many Junior school kids there though....(or many others for that matter).

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