Where best?


Gents, I am on the comfortable side of 35 and am hoping to make one last, and long term foray into military service.
In the past Ive had a number of very enjoyable and fulfilling roles under the umbrella of the Armed Forces including a number of years as an infanteer and 2 FTRS roles incorporating 2 Balkan tours as a member of the Royal Signals.
I suppose what i am after is the 'horses mouth' type of feedback. Such as, whats the unit cohesion like? Are career progressions attained by those that put the time in? Is going on tour now compulsory? AT? Is there any? What is the familial mood on the whole?
Could go on and on but i suppose if i was being honest i am asking you to tell me why i should darken your cap badges door :) I am able to commit to anywhere South of Oxford really and money is not my motivation, also some back problems that have arisen in the past year (need injections sometimes) anything with a more than physical selection will not apply unfortunatly.

Thanks in advance Sir's!

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