Where are your papers comrade?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mark1234, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. I agree that Labour need to go,but I am willing to wager that,regardless of the political hue of the next administration,none of this almost draconian legislation is ever repealed.
  2. It is indeed a severe blow to our civil liberties. It also shows the lie that Labour is peddling that ID card holders do not need to carry their card
  3. And you are surprised?

    Do you and apparently many arrsers REALLY think or even believe the crap from liabor re. ID card.

    God help us.
  4. "Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne added: "This is potentially a catch-all power which would allow the police or the officials to arrest and hold anyone who was unable to prove their own identity."

    Bless him, we already can, we don't need any new powers to do so. :lol: If you suspect someone of being an illegal immigrant or an overstayer we can arrest them already. Pity we didn't get JCDM, he might still be alive eh?

    I mean, this is the same forum that readily mounts the outrage bus about uncontrolled immigation, isn't it?
  5. To be honest, i find this kind of thing to be sick, communist and totally against freedom.
    The problem is that it aint just Labour. All our nations leaders and oppositions (not to mention the media) are bought and paid for by those few families who own the world banks.

    I am military through and through, but sadly I see some day soon when anyone who joins the military or police force will be the enemies of their own people.

    Take a look at the US..the "ULTIMATE" free nation. Already, 'law enforcement' has come to include 'Doctrine enforcement'. Peaceful protests which don't toe the New world Order line are violently smashed, resulting in deaths and illegal detentions of peaceful protestors and with mainstream media either spinning it so that unarmed demonstrators who stood their legally recognised ground were the "aggressors" against heavily armed police who actually attacked them or when an incident is so far beyond the joke that even the professional media spin-doctors can't come up with an angle, it is ignored completely!.

    The Yanks already turn their national guard upon their people during "states of emergency"
    The Brits can look forward to the same soon...a decent Psyop "Terrorist" attack will even gain the support of a small percentage of the population and the media will spin that into the majority.....So if you are against a regime of total civilian control...you must be a terrorist supporter!!

    Anyway, i just ranted and i do recognise that a British military site is not the place for rants.

    I am a soldier through and through. But I would never want to be one today. Instead of being defenders of our nation, the military has become pawns in a global chess game and something to be turned upon its own people when the time comes!

    However, I really do believe that British forces are so good that the will mutinee before they turn on their own. I do not feel that any other military has that capability...the Yanks certainly don't!.
  6. I think the angle here is it might not be just used for suspected illegal immigrants. (the same as anti terror laws are not used just for terrorists).
  7. I think you're missing the point.

    "Clauses in the draft Immigration and Citizenship Bill give state officials the power to make anyone who has ever entered the country, at any time, prove who they are without needing any suspicion of a potential crime."
  8. I take your point, poor reading skills from me but why not carry an ID card? If you're serving you carry one, lots of peeps carry different types of ID already for various things, don't quite see the hardship.

    If it is passed or there's a requirement to carry & produce, the sheer volume of forgetful people alone will make it unworkable. And I imagine the cards will get forged, so it won't make a big security difference but I don't have a problem with carrying one m'self just so long as I don't have to pay for it.
  9. indeed what is the problem.
    show your papers.
    what freedom is lost.
    the freedom to have your identity nicked.
    the freedom to defraud benefits by claiming as different folk.
    the freedom to illegally be in the country.
    the freedom to have some chav use your stolen cheque book or cc.
    you already give the govt your identity and location by using store cards,cedit cards and bloody mobile phones.
    you prove identity by showing id such as passport,credit garentee card,utility bill.
    its a wonder UK isnt full of illegals,bombers,and crims nicking identities-oh hang on,it is.
  10. You could say the same thing about car tax disks. Or MOD90's , but we still manage to update/carry them, 'cos we know that if we don't we're in the sh1t.

    I think this may even be a cynical attempt to introduce another stealth tax, as mentioned in the article, failure to produce documents could result in up to a 5k fine or prison.

    I myself do have a problem with carrying an I.D card, I carry a MOD90 and an F/IDENT/189 'cos I choose to be in the Army, a driving licence because I choose to drive and a passport when I choose to travel.

    That is a whole different ball game to being forced to carry your I.D for inspection by the stasi or face jail.
  11. Also, The government and media have told us for sure and keep on telling us that Islam is an enemy to our freedom. So it is quite legit to bomb the sh1t out of them. Then the Muslims seem quite keen to actually prove this as fact.

    So I ask anyone reading this, this question: " The Muslims have proven that they will do anything to promote their view of this world. They will blow themselves up, force their women, children and handicapped to blow themselves up too. They worship God with a gun and their religion says that death and destruction is the way to become close to God. Then, if that wasn't enough, we blow the living cr4p out of them, destroy their way of life, kill family members and try to enforce a system of government upon them which each and everyone will reject and be happy to blow themselves up if it means taking a single "infidel" with them.
    THEN.....our governments flood our nations with "refugees" from the very countries we are destroying.
    But if we object..we are racist!!. But amongst these "refugees" there are certainly "terrorists" too...So we must give up freedoms for our own protection!.
    Think about it..go to war with a group, destroy their way of life, enforce a system of government upon them which they despise, THEN...let loads of them come and live in your country!!!...even supply them with inflated amounts of grants, free housing and dole money, so that they don't have to work and can concentrate on revenge.


    The day that there is a military coup in GB is the day that i return to volounteer.

    Saint George aint dead yet, but by feck, he is feeling very poorly right now!
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    So what? This happens already. You have to prove who you are upon entry.

    It already is an offence, and if you are unable to produce a valid, genuine and satisfactory proof of your nationality and identuity, and have no valid reason for this, you can be jailed (although this is highly unlikely for EEA nationals).

    I must have missed something here, but this is only marginally different from the current on-entry powers of the Border Agency Officers and Police. Sounds like panic mongery to me.
  13. So what? This happens already. You have to prove who you are upon entry.


    Unless you of course shred your forged passport/exit visa in the 'jhon' between disembarkation and the imm. control desk then you can be who you want... jus like the internet...:wink:
  14. I am in two minds about ID cards. On the one hand I do not mind (in principle ) carrying a document that proves who I am; OTOH I doubt the ability of the government to get it right. The type of information stored would also matter, who had access to it and the circumstances for access.

    If this was well run, secure and only contained our name, place/date of birth and biometric information I would be happy with it. Start including stuff like race/religion etc. I object.