Where are you with your application process?-From app to P1

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Big_Bertha, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. Got my second interview tomorrow. Went and bought a smart, sheer blouse (and spent the last of my dollar) and thought I looked the bees knees. After doing a twirl for my Mum and sisters, they said I look too girly and need to wear a plain blouse or shirt :roll:
    Question is, are they right saying its not good to look too girly in front of an Officer? (I'm not one who goes around screaming or filing my nails by the by)
  2. As long as you look smart I don't see the problem. They're not going to make their judgements solely on the 'girlyness' of your blouse. Knowing your stuff is what counts :)

    I'm a girl. I wore a skirt and blouse. So shoot me 8O
  3. You go on the insight thing deadleg??
  4. Yes! I shall be there next month also...

  5. How did you do?? I got 10.01...fastest so far!! I'd imagine ill be there next months too...as off in 3 months so can keep tabs on me time!
  6. SO many responses to that question! Let's just say... I know I need to improve 8O If nothing else the fear of insight is getting my arse out of bed each morning at the moment!

    Nice that you're off in three months :) I had my confirmatory interview last week (the Irish guy)... really pleasant way to spend an hour and a half actually (I was surprised) but he's told me that Int Corps aren't even *doing* selection at the moment....so even if I was off to the one... I'd be held up at the second...
  7. Ah you were sat with the int corps passer on the way there!! I was just behind you on the coach...was on the other one on way back! What are your other 2 choices??

    Yeah I had the irish guy! Sound int he! They given you a selection date yet??
  8. Hah so you know who I am but I have no idea who you are 8O ... nice! :lol: Yup I felt sorry for the Int Corps passer.. he got dragged off the other coach to come and sit by me by my recruiter!

    EWOP 2nd choice and RMP 3rd choice (because I had to have a 3rd)
    Yup he really puts you at ease, v talkative etc!

    No selection date... gotta get fitness improved. He said I'm spot on everything but need to improve the fitness.

    What're you going in as? (apologies if you've already said somewhere)
  9. I'm off to REME...VMb...Already a mechanic so get a golden hello too which is cool! Beer money ha! There were 2 of you so havent a clue which one was you! I had been out night before so had a knap on the way!!

    Whats made you go for the army?
  10. To say the least i'm not impressed :x , to say the truth congrats bud!! 8) :)

    Syn :)
  11. Its odd how it works isnt it! But if a vacancy for HCAV came up hes got lucky!! Damn U hahah!
  12. i have just got lucky haha. oath on the 9th cant wait! felt bad though...there was one guy who passed in like june and was waiting for 15th...then got moved to february and now is in for april! not fair
  13. Cheers for the helpful replies! 8)
  14. Woot I passed my selection at Glencorse I didn't want to leave on the 2nd day =D Got to wait for a date for basic now.. urgh long wait I guess =). Hope everyone's applications are going well 8)
  15. congrats hunry hobo! nice one, keep up the good work and hope you get your date soon!