Where are you watching the final?

Where are you watching the final?

  • I was insanely optimistic/am stinking rich and have a ticket.

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  • I'm hitching my way to paris and will sleep in the gutter.

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  • In the pub where I can crawl home in a sulk if we lose.

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  • At home, I've a REALLY big telly.

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  • I like football.

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I'm off to paris to gamble the wife's savings in order to raise the money to buy a hooky ticket. Failing that, I'll just get hammered in the city, watch it on the big-screen near the Eiffel Tower and then go crawling round pigalle.

What is everyone else planning?
Only a small telly but great "local" pub atmosphere with real rugby fans. The barmaid is supporting RSA but she doesn't understand.



Was trying to get to Paris myself but everything seems booked up.

Unless someone wants to car share?
Trains and foot passenger on the Ferry Sir! It's the gold-plated solution as you can drink from the moment you leave your gaff, to the moment you return.



yeah I realise that, might give that a pop!
Or as the poll says hitch it
I've invited 8 "South Africans" and a couple of other Poms round to my place - if they can all get their lazy arrses out of bed for a 5AM KO.

Bacon & eggs washed down with a couple of pints of Tetleys! If we win it will be a long, long day!

At home, telly & fully stocked beer fridge - what more can you ask for....

Question though, In the event that we break the mould and retain the title, will they be allowed to fly the flag of St. George in celebration or will it be classed as racist and them all arrested and thrown into prison for inciting racial hatred ???
Got to go to a mess function but were all trying to sort out an escape commitee :x
At the match! Hitting the French websire at 0903 this morning worked. £250 each, robbing frogs

Now, getting there - if anyone has a windsurfer, rowing boat or goggles and dodgy trunks, please let me know
In the doghouse.

It's my wedding anniversary tomorrow and I cancelled the table when Engerland won last week. Finally 'fessed up last night.

For some reason the offer of a takeaway and sitting watching a beered-up shouty bloke swearing at the TV didn't go down well. Mind you I have a feeling that that's not the only thing that won't be going down for some time...(sigh).
Does anybody know where I can get a PowerPoint (or similar) presentation for me to have playing on my big screen at 0430 Sunday morning when all the Ausafricans come round to my place for the game?

Naturally I shall also have a DVD of the 2003 final playing on a smaller screen - purely for nostalgic reasons!

Might play this too!

Pub, within crawling distance of house. Shame it'll be full of scumbag students however it's cheap and close (and has some fit young totty in).
Had tickets jacked up for last weekend, off mate who is a coporate entertainment whore.....Got sent on a job early.....missed whole fecking thing,tried to get internet coverage (see other thread) to no avail

Now I learn the cnut has a handful of tickets for the final.....and I'm still on job FFS

And still no internet commentary jacked up......................

Bottleosmoke said:
Was trying to get to Paris myself but everything seems booked up.

Unless someone wants to car share?
Try and find an immigrant smuggling ring (plenty about apparently) and jump in return transport.

You could be the first illegal immigrant going the other way!!

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