Where are ye, olde sweats?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Extra_Stout, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Right lads, I'm starting in the Royal Regiment soon. I've done my homework on regiments, weapons, history...

    But outside of that, how did yous all find life as a gunner? If you've done a year, or a full 21 as a Gunner, share something about your career with me... Your friends, postings, experiences... Any of the guys I've met through recruiting or through friends of friends have loved it.

    Would you do it again?
  2. Hi old Sweat.

    I was called up for NS in the RA and ended up At Carter Barracks in Wiltshire. My reg't was 46 (m)HAA . I was on two practice camps and 6 weeks on the Bristol Dock strike. I was in the regimental rifle team and we won the cup! Three months after demob, I signed on in the Royal Air Force! Trained as elec/fit/air and was at RAF Binbrook with 617 squiadron (The Dam Busters) Did a 6 month deachment in Malaya dropping thousand pounders on the terrs'. I won my marksman badge in both the RA and the RAF and the RAF don't pay you for it!! After service life, I was in Air cadets in Warrant Rank for 27 years, received the Long Service Medal and the Commandans Commendation, While I was with Air cadets, I was a Special Constable in the Grimsby Police Force, ( Two uniforms and two hats! We also breed Poodles, we have to Miniature poodles and are rearing a sweet little toy poodles. I think that just about covers me!

  3. Heavy Ack Ack to Toy poodles via 617 Sqn..

    Got to be a book in there somewhere :)
  4. ahhh....a gun bunny, infantry when required!