Where are we getting the money from?

Our erstwhile PM has now promised Pakistan £650,000,000 for "education." In my ignorance, I thought we were a little strapped for cash at the moment and we were all supposed to be tightening our belts!
Surely this amount of money if it is available would be better spent on education in our own fair land; it might even have kept a few of our lads from redundancy or saved a few Harriers. Perhaps our treasury is not as replete as we are told. Is it only narrow and insular minded me who is angry at this decision, what do other ARSSErs think?:oops:
I think that CMD is in charge of this donation, but it may be a legacy he see fit to honour. A recent survey of some sort showed that Pakistanis don't really like us at all, ungrateful barstewards.
All international aid at a time of econmic difficulty just does not make sence especialy if the money is need in our own counrty as there is a budget deficit.


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I think that CMD is in charge of this donation, but it may be a legacy he see fit to honour. A recent survey of some sort showed that Pakistanis don't really like us at all, ungrateful barstewards.
I don't care whether they like us or not, we are paying for this and are subject to massive cuts here. It's time this free money for foreigners stopped until we can afford it.
Not knowing the background in this case I can't comment specifically. However if you think of this money as a f$%k off big bribe it can ultimately save us a lot of money in the long run, or engender better business relations. The unfortunate thing is the way we wish the money to be received and the effect we seek to achieve is frequently not the reality of what happens.


I'd rather it was spent at home on such things as care for our wounded & injured rather than having to rely on the nations generosity in giving to supporting Charities.

I was brought up believing Charity began at home, precious little of that in evidence at the moment!
I was a bit surprised when Cameron went on about the bond being unbreakable, I never knew we had a bond with them.
Link to BBC news story.

£650 Million over 4 years to (maybe) secure £2.5 Billion in the long term.


BBC News - David Cameron pledges 'fresh start' with Pakistan

David Cameron pledges 'fresh start' with Pakistan

David Cameron has said he wants a "fresh start" in relations with Pakistan as he offered £650m in aid and better security co-operation.
On his first trip to Pakistan since becoming UK prime minister, he said he wanted to foster mutual trust.
Last year he provoked anger when he accused elements in Pakistan of promoting the "export of terror".
On Tuesday, he pledged to create a "new era" and to "clear up the misunderstandings of the past".
At a news conference with the Pakistani prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Mr Cameron said he believed the Pakistani government was committed to fighting terrorism within its borders but said it was "not unhelpful" to urge its ally to do everything it could to tackle the threat.
"What you see in Pakistan today is a huge fight taking place by the government against terrorism and Pakistan has lost many, many people in that fight," he said.
After taking part in the first meeting of the UK-Pakistan National Security Dialogue - a civilian and military counter-terrorism forum - Mr Cameron said there would be increased co-operation at the "sharp end" to disrupt the work of terrorist groups.
"We have no higher shared priority than tackling terrorism together," he added.
"That means challenging the extremist ideology that fuels it and ensuring effective operational co-operation between our police and intelligence agencies."
'New era' He was criticised last year for claiming that Pakistan "looked both ways" when it came to the issue.
On Tuesday he said: "Let us make this the start of a new era in the relations between our countries, our governments and our peoples. Let us clear up the misunderstandings of the past, work through the tensions of the present and look together to the opportunities of the future.

“We have no higher shared priority than tackling terrorism together”

"A Pakistan that is safe for its citizens, free from the threat of terror on your doorstep and in your neighbourhood, a Britain working alongside you for our mutual benefit."
The BBC's deputy political editor, James Landale said Mr Cameron was offering to share the UK's expertise in fighting roadside bombs at a new centre being established in Pakistan.
The site, near Peshawar in the north-west of the country, will provide training in detection and forensic investigation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as well as bomb disposal.
British officials have played down fears of links between the Pakistani security services and the Taliban, James Landale added, insisting they were no longer providing support to the insurgency in Afghanistan and were committed to defeating them both in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Mr Cameron is being accompanied on his trip by the head of the armed forces, General Sir David Richards head of MI6, Sir John Sawers.
'Good friend' The prime minister, who earlier visited a school and Pakistan's national mosque, also pledged £650m of additional aid for Pakistan's schools system.

The UK will offer Pakistan £650m to help more children go to primary school
He said the four-year package of support would help an extra four million children go to primary schools, train an extra 90,000 teachers and provide six million text books.
He defended the initiative, at a time when spending on public services including education is being cut in the UK, as an "investment for Britain".
"I would struggle to find a country that is more in Britain's interests to see progress and succeed than Pakistan," he added. "If Pakistan is a success, we will have a good friend to trade with and deal with in the future.
"If we fail, we will have all the problems of migration and extremism that we don't want to see. It is in our interests that Pakistan succeeds."
But he warned that Pakistan must do more to provide for their own public services, including tax reform and making the rich pay more.
Mr Gilani said illiteracy was at the "root cause" of extremism, adding that Pakistan had paid a "heavy price" for its fight against terrorism - losing 30,000 people to domestic attacks.
More broadly, Mr Cameron said there was no question about the strength of UK-Pakistan links.
"Britain's friendship with Pakistan is unbreakable," he said. "From the grassroots links between our peoples, with [the] one million-strong Pakistan diaspora in the UK and 1.4 million journeys between Pakistan and the UK every single year."
The two leaders also agreed to seek to double bilateral trade to £2.5bn by 2025.
Considering Pakistan are busy buying up half a dozen submarines from China, will they really spend it on education?
Bloke on the tell tonight desperately needs a knee op. He's not getting it. I suppose that bloke x a couple of hundred thousand more just like him would be a start.
"The two leaders also agreed to seek to double bilateral trade to £2.5bn by 2025."


Is that per year? I hope so and what does "bilateral trade" mean?

I would have thought that meant both ways? If so why do we have to pay them a bribe?
did you say pakistan or bradistan?
I would imagine it is existing money, not 'new' money. And I would also wager it is dwarfed by the remittances from Pakistanis in the UK to Pakistan
£650 Million?

That would buy you about 650 or so TLAMS and I would expect they would achieve a far more telling effect.
We, as a nation, spunk £5-Billion per year on overseas aid, the majority of which goes to countries that have nuclear weapons or depsot leaders who know doubt fritter it on themselves.

****ing pisses me off when their are needs at home that rely upon charity to survive. Don't get me wrong as I'm all for not letting people starve, but when some jumped up **** of a bully boy dictator is flouting about in a convoy or Mercs and arming his rebel army, then something tells me that that dosh ain't being used to buy scran....!
Considering Pakistan are busy buying up half a dozen submarines from China, will they really spend it on education?
Considering Pakistan also has a nuclear weapons programme and a robust defence budget,I would suggest this aid is inappropiate to say the least.

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