Where are the other RLC trade groups on the board?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by General Melchett, Mar 26, 2005.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Although I'm slightly biased to the Ammo Tech fraternity, where are all the other RLC trade groups on the board?

    Most of the active threads are AT related. I don't think I've seen any Sup Con or Pet Op activity.

    I'm expecting replies to this by AT's with, no doubt, derogatory comments. :lol:
  2. Have been away for a bit........you guys have taken over. That said, been chatting to a few of your guys recently and it would seem you have much to drip about!
  3. Sup con/Specs as history has proven are boring as feck, and can only talk about:
    1.The upcoming LSTI
    2.The past LSTI
    5.Skiving PT

    :) SK
  4. Aren't ATs a kind of Sup Con / Sup Spec?
  5. Yes, like Fred West was a kind of patio layer.
  6. Posts on this first page of the RLC Board are split 50/50 AT's & Other Subjects. What % of the Corps is the AT trade?

    Does seem to be a little leaning towards being an AT Board!
  7. Big enough for the Top Brass to forget we exist most of the time. Plus we have probably taken over coz we can string a sentence together.

    Now if that doesn't get 'em typing nothing will! :twisted:
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I was going to mention something along those lines, but they need to be able to read, so dismissed the comment. :)
  9. Maybe all of the other trades are busy on tour to post and not skiving in ammunition depots like some people with badge fixations and an over inflated sense of their own importance. Yes you get good promotion, but then again so did staff clerks, and lets face it. No one cares. In fact when it comes to tours it's a pretty poor do when no one wants to know you i.e. here are some commonly used phrases used when operational (and even in peace time).

    'Have you seen the......'

    a. Duty chef
    b. Duty driver
    c. Duty storeman
    d. Duty POL
    e. Duty mover

    Never once has someone arrived at a guard room demanding the rapid presence of a duty ammo-tech. And if ammo-techs are as good as they say why are there often reports of dodgy ammunition reaching the troops who need it?
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator


    Glad to see you've put up a constructive reply.

    If AT's gall you that much then start posting about what you do like. Don't be reactive, be proactive.

    In reply to the second part of your post you do get Duty Ammo Techs at ammo depots, and duty EOD teams throughout the country.

    Is it true that civvy contractors are now driving tank transporters?
  11. Normally someone phones the police when they need us, and we promptly blue light from the other end of the AOR. Most of the Regt have a duty pager surgically implanted.

    The reason there are never requests for us through the guardroom is that we have quite wisely removed the vast majority of ammunition from unit lines.

    I take it theres lots of out of hours emergency calls for the duty tank transporter (in the white Osh Kosh with yellow stripes and blue lights)?

    To be honest I have never read such an ill informed statement on ARRSE ever? When you have some time off from holding up the traffic on the A303 have a wander down to Tidworth and next to the medic unit you will see the Duty AT's abode. You probably wont see any one there as they have probably been called out!

    If you can post in your reply all of the reports of dodgy ammunition that you have heard then Im sure we can explain them more fully. The fact is most reports are originated and disseminated by AT's in order to prevent incidents and accidents. As seen as you dont belong to one of the main user groups e.g. Arty, RAC, Inf etc, I am most interested to find out how many ammunition incidents you have actually been involved in?
  12. During a recent "operation", ammunition which was required by 1730 hrs at the mounting area, arrived at about 2300 hours...

    Thanks for your efficient stewardship of the supply of munitions!

    I am very proud of the way our ATO's perform in respect of IEDs etc, but as this is not a truly RLC role (you must admit it should really be an engineer function!), I am more concerned about the supply and maintenance of logistic stocks (including munitions), doing the business in this area is what should matter when judging yourself against the rest of the RLC!

    Compare yourselves against the RE for the bomb doctor stuff as this is a specialist matter!
  13. Gentlemen :!: :!: (Sir Rowley, Fatblerk, Melchett, Felcher, Wilf, Dibble, Grumpy etc) Don't rise to it;

    This loon wouldn't understand the answer; :? particularly if you explained that the trade did Ammo management (like surveillance & repair), not supply and delivery :evil: .

    As for RE Bomb Doctors! :cry: Perhaps only likely during the same phase of the moon that would allow Harold Shipman to be appointed the Chief Medical Officer to the Executive! :oops:

    If this counts as a rise, then I've failed, but don't give him anymore satisfaction. (IEDD a wedge function indeed!)
  14. Hey Hellfyyr if ammo didn't arrive at your location at the right time look inward dear fellow, look inward.
  15. I believe I know the incident you are on about. But you fail to mention the number of times they changed the departure point and redirected the driver on route. Lets not forget the fact that the "items" required changed several times as well.
    All involved from a supply point did their part, we only have the powers up high to thank for the rest of it.