where are the characters

Discussion in 'REME' started by cellerdweller, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. i know trade standards are dropping,people who are thick as mince who should be in th RLC keep sneeking in,but what worries me is the drop in social standards. Where are the charcters, the pervy armrs, scary rechy mecs and geek techs. I know the army doesn't encourage the drinking coulture,but where has the fun gone?
    Are the still some fun units out there, where should i put on my pref posting?
  2. Colchester MCTC
  3. Two things:

    1. It's 'The' RLC.

    2. Let's not compare trades!

    actually it's three things!

    3. Moohaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaa

    actually it's 4!

    4. Tw@t!
  4. I left 14 years ago, most of my friends did at the same time, with us a generation died .
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  5. 1. RLC PET. TRADE
    4. R.A.F. Regiment :lol:
    5. It must be you !?
  6. Amen to that.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Nostalgia: it ain't what is used to be...
  8. Every unit irrespective of size used to have one or multiples of the following:
    1. 20 Stone metalsmith with a fabloned sick chit. But boy could he weld.
    2. The sex pest who was attempting to amass the biggest porn collection in western europe.
    3. The alchoholic 30 something with a permanant bedspace at Wegburg to dry out.
    4. The 6 stone waterlogged myopic armr on prosac. You were just waiting for the breaking news on Sky that he had run amok in McDonalds.
    5. The boy racer.
    6. The punchy twat.
    7. The seriously scary wife.
    8. Son of William Wallace.
  9. Options for Chaos killed them off
  10. They all still exist, but yu gotta be in to see them.
  11. We were getting thin on the ground at my last posting. But that was probably because the OC/ASM did their hardest to crush any morale :(
  12. Trust me; they are still around and most of them appear to work in my unit! :twisted:

  13. Characters? spent four years with the QRIH in 1970's, characters and beloved treasures everywhere you looked. Never forgotten. A punch up before breakfast and a black eye that the RSM "overlooked" because we were normal healthy blokes. Very sorry when I lft and moved on to army barmy nobhead tours.

    On OC's Orders in Cyprus, three of us all mixed junior ranks getting a fine and a bollocking from the SSM for fighting in the NAAFI. Punch ups over "bar bills" in the squadron bar. Banned but never jailed.

    Fecking up and getting rifted but not locked away. Fullscrews walking round "full" on duty. One big family who accepted each other's failings.

    The RLC are up there with the finest as well, your cap badge don't make you who you are, but true; some had it harder, didnt we.

    Characters? they went out years ago. Good times they were.
  14. Characters? Unfortunatly they are fading. Soon to be extinct in the face of a fast paced operational commitment period and restrictive non sensible policies, oh and the reluctance to be seen approving of alcahol induced behaviour.

    Oddly enough many of those legends tended to be of the recy mech types. Although there were a few others such as the annoying "knew all there was to know about Chally 1" even vm faults, Ally Sneddon. Remember him? Tech Sgt with the RTR I think. RD characters such as the screaming skull. Vm's such as Mic Fox, Mac Mcfarland. Recy mechs: Dave whitfield, Billy connely (the mad scottish one with evil Irish wife), Ozzy osbourne or Taff lewis. All stuck out due to either ability or perculiar charactaristics brought on by consumption of unrealistic quantities of booze..