Where are the characters and the eccentrics?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bigdumps, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. I don't know about you but I seem to recall that Britian produced a great number of eccentrics, i.e., Lord Thynn Marquess of Bath, Alan Clark MP, Alec Guinness.

    It just seems we don't get so many any more, whats going wrong?
  2. I think a lot reside on this very site?

    Boris is great and what is even better is so many people just don't get him, which makes it even better.

    I love to see Dave of the people cringing when he's around him.
  3. Yip... I'd bet he is. Saw him at a MMA night in Notts a couple of weeks ago, was sat right behind me. Kept my arrse cheeks tightly nipped... the man definitely has the gammorouche lips about him...

    Just in case you didn't know. All gay men have gammorouche lips... tis a fact.
  4. Agree with Mr_D about BoJo.

    What about Chrith Eubank...He's a certifiable loon.
  5. Iraq and Afghanistan, mostly.
  6. What about that crazy loon, Lord Whatisname from Bath. Or is he indeed Lord Bath, he`s a bit of a character.
    Also, wasn`t there a documentary on Chanel 4 about some foul mouthed Lord or other carping on about this exact subject?
    I`m sure there are others, but I do agree that most are indeed on this site.
  7. Chris Eubank, no doubt about it, he is definately a complete and utter TIT :lol: .
  8. Rockape, you're on about Lord Fulford? yeah he's the type. Personally I like eccentricity.

    I seem to recall my old headmaster would regularly roll dice whilst telling us off and ordering us to make him cups of tea with 12 sugars!

  9. This fella gets my vote he is a proper chap www.gordonpoole.com/?ArtistID=515
    IIRC he hacked a toe or to off with a saw because he got fed up waiting for the operation
  10. Nice one,Bigdumps, Fuc*ing Lord Fulford, that`s the chap. Mad as a box of frogs!......Not the Box of frogs we all know and love on here......!
  11. And lets not forget Maggie god bless her,appearing on TV right after the cowardly IRA had tried to kill her at the Tory party conference,mad as a box of frogs,but what a woman
  12. Magnus Pike, Patrick Moore anyone?
  13. Keith Floyd has always been good value for money.

  14. And you remind me....... Rodney Stephen Hull. I surmise Spike could count as well.
  15. McCririck the horse racing bloke seems a bit bonkers.