Where are our LSWs?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lance_Bombardier, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. hi, im from essex ACF and was wondering where exactly have our LSWs gone. have heard many rumers such as gone to TA and REGs, or confiscated.

    is there anyone who can enlighten me on the situation as i am supposed to be doing Star3 SAA on annual. (so would it be the same as Star 2 on GP?)


  2. In the words of Captain Mainwaring "There's a war on don't you know" The British Army is actively engaged in two major campaigns,try watching the news or reading some of the posts on here!The ACF is probably quite low on the list of priorities at the MOD right now.Be patient your time will come.
  3. UnBeFuckingLeivable.
  4. Leave off him, his DP says it all.....mcr....*tut tut* :p

    The Army needs the LSW's more than we do L/Bdr.
  5. dont get me wrong guys, i'm not having a rant or anything, just wondering what the situation is. if the acf had to send away the majority of the GPs to the Army im sure there would be those of us who would be glad that they are helping the Army. (just as long as they are returned)
  6. Am sure one day when the actvities out east are over we may get some back but let's not worry too much about it, yes jolly good fun to fire off several hundred rounds at camp and to do three star and all but the economic realities of life mean that there ain't enough to go round and there may never be. In my days as a cadet we got to use LMG's maybe once in four years.........
  7. Why are you remotely bothered about LSW's anyway? Shoddy weapon systems hopelessly outdated when compared to the Minime and a general pain in the arse... A Support weapon fed by magazine - come off it!!
  8. just fly to USA, there is loads of turn and shoot stores , pick an M16, AK74, hell even an GPMG and make a pile of Empty Brass, Florida is good for that.

  9. Amen brother.
  10. yeh but what is the chance of the ACF ever getting a Minimi ( somewhere around -100) wouldnt mind the old M60 though
  11. All the lad did was ask a question then all the big men set in with the abuse. WHY??? Does it make you feel superior to a lad who at least isn't wandering the streets looking for vandalism targets. One day he'll probably be a squaddie, I hope he has a different attitude to the other posters on this thread.
  12. Cadet forces wont be getting them back!
    Im guessing access will only be through CTT.
    3 SAA can be done on tgt rifle.
    Or at a push on the GP with a skill pass

  13. To add: the LSW is the test all serving cadets wish to pass so they can fire an automatic weapon with live/blank ammunition.
    For cadets this is a very big thing!

  14. Question is... do the ACF really need them? Good for a giggle but they aren't that important.

    LSW isn't a bad weapon for what it was designed for.
  15. just back from camp, we actually had use of at least 6 LSWs for the 2 week duration of camp, provided by some of our affiliated regiments, they are out there its a matter for the qm to find them and ask for them.

    as for the minimi comment fair one, it may be better to use, but the LSW is fine for its role in the cadet forces and im sure that the MOD would not be too willing to pay for a week long conversion course(and associated costs) for the 1500+ adults to be able to teach the minimi to the cadets where its not really needed