Where are my medals?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Dale the snail, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. OK, I might have been given an O2 tag, for reasons only the mods know and "Disgruntled from Basingstoke", but I have donated a shite load of dosh, time, and effort to ARRSE over the last few years.

    Can I have my medals back please? Especially the big shiney one? I have said sorry.

    Sluggy xxx
  2. Dosh perhaps, time and effort I could argue with
  3. I tend to agree with Dale. This would be like someone getting fizzed before the man and having their gongs taken away, as has been discussed in some threads. Mayhaps put the tag in the avatar area. Just a thought. :?
  4. I must have been at the wrong Ashtead then, and didn't give anyone floor space. Thank goodness I haven't got a car, else I would be driving people around for stuff.

    Tut tut, I must try harder.
  5. Cheap shot to drag that into it........ shouldn't be surprised though.

    Fred West got his D of E gold..... we should excuse everything else?
  6. If you paid more attention to real life, and not the internet or Cait, it hasn't just been Ashtead. Cheap shot? I think not.
  7. You are the one bringing real life onto the internet, its a few pixels on a tele screen....... If you did such a valued job at Ashtead (in the real world) it doesn't mater what your avatar says does it?

    I do pay attention is real life, hence me being well off and well hung, cait also gets pested in the real world aswell as accross the internet

    Self praise means fcuk all
  8. So - where are my medals then?

    When you decide to put your big boy shoes on and ban me, do I get my money back? Looks like you are the "Daddy" at the moment RHM. Do you boss the other mods around? I bet you steal their pocket money and threaten to get Bickies onto them.

    Are you the Phil Mitchell of ARRSE?
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Just bugger off for a while and smell the flowers in the real world.
  10. Oh quit whining slug. Have these.

    Attached Files:

  11. So you want a refund then you'll do one?

    I don't steal pocket money, they give it willingly
  12. 'kin hell, I've only just noticed that. One of the more deserved O2 tags though I must say and about time you gobby obnoxious git. Yes I know what I'm like so don't bother answering.
  13. Dale you should be totally ashamed of yourself asking for your medals back .
    You are lucky that what you did have not been made public .
    It makes no difference how much money you have donated to this site .
    You have done something wrong for you to be warranted with the 02 tag and you should be man/woman enough to say you are in the wrong .Anyone can say they are sorry ,But now you have been disgraced you have to earn respect once again and learn from your mistakes like everyone else who have done things wrong and try and make am mends .
  14. I'd love to know what is going on in chat at the moment seeing as how the slug is in there. :D I reckon it'd be rather entertaining, but, alas I can't on this dinoputer.
  15. Boys, nathan/chubb/code.

    You don't know what it is for, so shove off. Bed time for little men!!! Stop texting me for info. You ain't going to get it.
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