Where are Engineers getting posted ?

Axeman said:
Usually Engineers get posted to Engineer Regiments.
Sometimes it gets a bit crazy though.

They might get to Waterbeach or Chatham.
Sc00by said:
As the title says really ?

anyone recently got in ?

if so where you based now ?
where the feck do you think they get posted to :?: :x :?: :x

think before you post please.

one NT is enough for any forum. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
no i dont have a scooby :( just a nickname some army mates gave me :D

and i know it was kind of a daft question i wa just hoping someone minght have some idea
wherever you go.................. best buy a bucket & spade.
Gib seems to be the black hole for postings at the moment and once they have you theres fcuk all you can do to escape it . only two years my arse :x
Ali_Gee said:
Sc00by said:
why a bucket and spade?

an cheers last_four only straight answer thats been given :D
because you could go to waterbeach!

Check out the news, you could answer your own question 8O
liking your train of thought there A_G. :D :D :D :D

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