Where are ARRSERS going on holiday this year?

Me, I'm off to Sunny Spain on the 15th of June, don't ask me where, Ms Duke booked it, I only paid for it. I think it is near Marbella. Ms Duke had the cheek to say, "I'll bring the spending money" great thanks love, its all inclusive, Sly Tart. She says 200 quid will be enough, she will bring back about 180 quid of that the tight cow. 8)
I'm going to Fishgaurd
Yannie, when you are in Cyprus go visit Curium Beach near Episkopi. There is a nice big cliff there, where people para-glide, go throw yourself off it without a chute :twisted:
I'm off to Oz in October. Starting at Darwin and working our way down to Sydney. Sounds cool, but deep down, I'm going to miss Tenerife this year. Sad tacky tart! 8)
Wont be going anywhere. Been promised an exciting trip to the sandpit again next year though.
Mighty_doh_nut said:
I'm going to Fishgaurd
Guarding fish; you call that a holiday :twisted:
Olu Deniz in Turkey for the past 3 years but a couple of weeks timeshare in Spain for us this year.
might decided to goto Fiji, or pop across to Oz , not sure yet
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