WheRE aRE all the Sapper Film clips

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MacSapper, Dec 24, 2006.

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  1. Trawling around the forums on ma Arrse, there seems to be loads of links to film clips of our troops in the Afghan and Op Herrick.

    There is only one clip from 53 Sqn and its mostly still pics.

    Are we not doing anything on Ops ? is there any Sappers out there that can post a link or strap a film together to show us crusties what your getting up to.

    C’mon ra Sappers
  2. Sappers from 28 in Afghan

    51 on OPs

    The remembrance videos show Luke Allsop and Si Cullingworth (RIP)
    They are a bit rare in the Public Domain!!

  3. Res Troop 60 Afghan 05-06
    Pretty crap vid, however there is a 'proper' Sqn one flying round somewhere


    Fighting 34th also have a vid kicking round too. well worthy of watching
  4. keep meaning to get it off one of the lads, keep forgetting! remind me when everyone is back off xmas leave and I'll get it youtubed.
  5. Did anybody see Panoramas' 3 Commando in Afghanistan?
    The SSgt who was featured (and falsley accused of being booty) was one of our very own!
    Well done Spam (no PERSEC breached as the reporters constantly referred to him as "Spam") especially on getting Staffy!
    Good to see blokes like you keeping the names of the Sqn and CRE where they belong.
    To all serving or ex a very happy and prosperous new year and may all of your children be not ginger.
  6. Is this what you meant, first of four good vids.

  7. That's the puppy.
    In case anyone is not aware, 59 Recce Tp form part of BRF (Brigade Recce forces) as do 148 Bty RA. Excellent to a man (and no I wasn't in recce tp) and are usually attached to the Booty recce Tp's.
    Cheers for the link HF.
  8. No probs BH. Good to see the 59 lads showing the way.

    Never fancied it myself (being cdo that is), but have a son out there with RM at the moment. Found those clips hoping to see him.