Where are all the Medals?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mr Happy, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    From the MOD website:

    Iraq Medal, All Service Received Applications as at end of June '05.

    RN 6129 (Received)
    RN 72 (REJECTED) (1%)
    RN 281 (Pending) (5%)

    RM 5604 (Received)
    RM 7 (REJECTED) (0.1%)
    RM 467 (Pending) (8%)

    Army 60296 (Received)
    Army 0 (REJECTED)
    Army 15168 (Pending) (25%)

    RAF 12170 (Received)
    RAF 71 (REJECTED) (0.6%)
    RAF 390 (Pending) (3%)

    Total 84199

    It appears to me that as RN & RAF keep sticking in negligent claims ("Errrm, I thought I was there, but now you mention it I wasn't, I was on a course at Cramwell and was watching it on CNN and got the sun tan from a week in Ibiza" - How easy a mistake to make!) and wasting our faithful MOD civil servants time, perhaps we could have a new medal, the Army and the RM (its only a matter of time 'til you join us lads) can have a "been there, done that" gong and the RN/RAF can have a "I saw it on CNN and reckoned I'd stick the application in to see if it would go through" gong, it could perhaps be a white & yellow ribbon with a clasp for each conflict the trusty matelot or flyboy fancied his chances at getting an application unchecked through the system and on the back it could have a picture of a TV mast?

    What do you reckon?

    Also seems a bit of pain that the army still has 25% of its applications to be approved vs. the 3 - 8% of the other forces (since when did we start calling the RM a seperate force?) but then I guess this reflects the constant new troops going out to serve where as most of the other forces are back home now????
  2. Actually, the reason the RN and RAF are having claims rejected is down to aircrew applying for medals and their claims being rejected initially until they can prove that they qualify. Many A/C operated from countries outside the Op Telic theatre of operations but in support of Op Telic, this is where the confusion lies.

    Perhaps I could reccomend a cold shower or throwing one off the wrist, you seem a little wound up about feck all.

    And BTW, the RM is a seperate Corps within the RN with traces its roots back to when they were a completely seperate force so they do actually qualify as being refered to as a force of their own.
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Helpful stackmeister, or should I say Von Helpfulstackmeister, inter service rivalry will never reach the pinnicles of taliban vs. russian relationships if you don't accept that everyone else is a tosser not worthy of entering your mess, or, in fact, their own! Never-the-less, zero Army rejections indicates to me that soldiers can fight and get their paperwork in properly on time where as.........

    Another way of looking at is 25% waiting list vs no more than 8% elsewhere....

    As for the RM. I've never seen them referred to seperately from the RM by anyone other than the media outside of the US.
  4. Having served in two out of the three (four?) services (Army and RAF) I'd be a bit of a hypocrit to slag off the lads in green although I'm well aware that idiots exsist in both services who love to force divisions between the services for no other reason than to be 'contraversial'.

    THS, Ex 1RGJ and current crab.
  5. From medal thread to Army vs Crabs in two submissions - is this a new record?
  6. One of the reason the RN have trouble in this area is that ships are often retasked within a theatre and moving between operation commands makes them ineligible for the gong, even if they are still in the same place.

    I reckon someone at Fleet doesn't like medals.
  7. If you ask a Marine, they would hate to be classified as RN and would love to be thought of as a separate entity
  8. All booties are wannabe matelots!! Even says it on their ID cards! (Stands by for booties to go :evil:)
  9. Earlier this year, god knows how many months after I'd applied for my TELIC 1 gong, I got a nice memo back from our scribblies saying my application had been rejected as, according to their records, I'd only been in theatre between 9-20 Apr 03.

    This vexed me slightly as RAF aircrew who were not based in Zone 1, but who flew sufficient missions over Iraq to qualify for the clasp were required to attach a photocopy of their logbook with the application. This I had done and - aside from my trips over Iraq during the ugly bit - it showed my deployment and recovery transits and sorties from PSAB throughout my time deployed on TELIC. However, the scribblies said that the only print out that mattered was something called 'OMIS'. They then cross referenced another computer system and discovered that my application was genuine!

    Needless to say, I'm still waiting for the gong and clasp!! However, I did actually receive my Afghanistan OSM last week which I qualified for in 2001!!