where are all the good men gone??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by destiny_james1, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. i recently split up with my husband and although i have had a rough few months of it i feel i am ready to meet someone new.. i come from the northeast but currently live and work near Andover. i have a cracking sense of humour and up for a laugh. I am cute looking ( so i have been told many times) i am blonde hair, hazel eyes, no glasses.etc so why is it that every bloke i have met, he has a girlfriend/wife or is only after a shxx!!!! and to cheat and no i havent gone to bed with anyone or cheated with them either.. My ex is a soldier and i would like to meet another one, not that i am a squaddie chaser but civvies just dont have that sense of humour squaddies have or that charisma and charm.. dont squaddies want a decent lass or are they just after a one night stand!!!! come on lads you must know what you are looking for.. me and my mate went out on the lash at the weekend and i couldnt believe that the lasses that mostly got pulled were the mingers and the 10 - 2's.. obviously i am doing something wrong.. can you give me a hint or tip.. please.
  2. I suppose it would be interesting to know what caused the separation from your ex.
  3. How old are you? and what's the script about baggage?
  4. And what differentiates you from a "squaddie-chaser"?
  5. erm... what's a 10-2?

  6. Me and my husband split up because he cheated a few times and i had enough.. These women were not nice looking either before anyone starts, i think he just wanted more excitement and some bit on the side.. i think by me walking away from my marriage and wanting honesty and trust is not hard to want in a relationship dont you think, i mean no one wants to be with a cheater and an axx hole. I am 30 but thank god i can still get away with looking 26 - 27 :p A 10 - 2 is girls who are ugly as sin and if a squaddie hasnt pulled by about 2 and they want a shxx they chat up them cause they cant pull a nice or fit lass :lol:
  7. I take it there's no baggage then?
  8. We’re going to need to see pictures :D

    countdown to post deletion… 5…4…3…2

    Edited by Mod - because I can. :D
  9. After doing some research i found five reason's why men cheat on their wives
    May be this will help with future relationships

    1. LOSS OF EGO
    A man?s primary need is to feel good about
    himself. When he doesn?t he finds ways to
    meet this primary goal .

    He may be angry at his wife but, rather
    than deal with problem, he has an affair to
    ? make her pay?

    3. BOREDOM
    Affairs are rarely boring; they tend to be
    exciting and full of life. Even the fear of
    getting caught causes excitement.

    The male sex drive provides a distraction
    or ?vacation? from emotional pain.

    If these needs are being met, men have
    no need to look elsewhere
  10. :p no i dont think i will be putting any flange shots on the net.. i mean come on it would be like putting a pic of a kebab on there ha ha.. yes i have 1 son and its i read the 5 reasons why men cheat but the real reason i recon was being married too young and then realising that maybe there are more to chose from.. i am far from being boring really the opposite :wink: but i think if a person wants to cheat he will no matter what the relationship is like.. good or bad..
  11. Amateur Mistake number one. The advertising of baggage.

    Re-register and try again.

    Goku has the right idea though. Post a photo in the gallery (it dosen't need to be a gash shot, but should include a backdrop of your grotty one bed flat with 80's wallpaper and smoke stained curtains).
  12. What pish. I'm not going to tell you why men actually cheat because that would take the edge off it. And by-the-by apart from your point about emotional pain, you can just substitute women in the place of men and that fits the bill of what I am, and I'd guess every other man here thinks of women.
  13. You forgot how to spell Tidworth, Bulford or Larkhill??

    Post a picture and I'll say hello when I see you in Andover - as will everyone else. Or better still send a link to your faceparty account!!
  14. Your chances of meeting someone for a meaningful relationship, by going out on the lash, are negligible.
    Get yourself down to one of the decent supermarkets (M&S or Waitrose) at about 7 - 7.30pm and look out for the blokes buying meals for one and wearing decent clothes.
    The salad counter in particular is a mecca for successful urban singlies, you may have to settle for a civvy though, as single, caring, sensitive squaddies looking to settle down are a little thin on the ground. :wink:
  15. Errm. If you type this lass's username into Google, it brings up a hotmail address. Maybe a pic on there?