Where are all the good IS posts

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RobinHood, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. There must be more postings than Germany, Cyprus and UK. Any one in a Gucci place anywhere in the world and due posting in 2 years..................give us a shout!!!

    seriously ......anywhere there is a nice to be - let us know
  2. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    SHAPE is not to bad m8 but need to be a SNCO
  3. Civvy Street
  4. Manor, Sheffield is coming up this year. Quality location
  6. All the good jobs are coming up in the Falcon Introduction Unit. Watch and shoot, watch and shoot.
  7. Basically there are none, wherever you go you get papped on
  8. Really!! Not if you like your car to remain in one piece!!!
  9. Its fine, we use the local area for OBUA exercises but its not like the real thing (as its far more dangerous)
  10. Maastrict - Holland (1 Nato Signal Battalion), Naples (AFSOUTH), Madrid, Blandford
  11. AFCENT as it used to be called at Maastricht is a top place for a singly....shed loads of extra money (you dont pay food and accom but do have to buy your subsidised meals in the cookhouse hence extra dosh) but not so good for a pad although the 1/4's are very good. AFCENT Brunssum was good too. If you want to see the world there is always 30 sigs and I hear 2 sigs are next in line for the frequent flyer rewards
  12. What do you class as a good IS post?

    Do you want career good? Compiling a CV good? Cushy life good?

    If you want to be at the Corps forefront, i would suggest 30 or 2 Sigs, or 22 when it reforms. If you want compiling a CV good, i'd suggest DCSA or again 30, 2 or 22. If you want a cushy life i'd suggest not becoming an IS Engr.
  13. Oh I don't know about that. I've heard that 30 Sigs is virtually special forces. Well, I definitely heard the word 'special' in there anyway.

    Special People. Have you thought about 18 Regt? As far as postings go, it's pretty unique and potentially very rewarding for keen and motivated types. I'm sure your friendly local Superhero (IS) will have contact details. If not, I'm sure someone here can put you in touch.

    System Support Team. What about one of the SSTs at Blandford. They're all merging into the 'unified system support organisation' (USSO) and the ATacCS SST is preparing to get involved in DII/D or DII/FD or whatever it's called (the operational system which is supposed to replace rubbish like JOCS). So that looks like it has a lot of potential, especially since my favourite deviant Supvr (IS) is posted there next month.

    Bde Sig Sqns. I've never done IS with a Bde Sig Sqn and the opinions I've had from others who are currently in that situation are rather conflicting. It might be worthwhile if any of you Brigade guys (perhaps Goodfella or bigbadjimmyp) give the thumbs up or down.

    I reckon it might be useful to go where your skillset takes you - if you're into datacomms then give 2 Sigs a go, if you like German beer go to 16 Sigs, if you like big moustaches go to Hereford. If you want foreign travel - frequent short periods away then maybe JFHQ Northwood. If you're into security then somewhere like Cheltenham or Corsham. If you're good at programming then go away you wierdo. See? Simple!
  14. Was the word special used in direct reference to you PD? If so, they were more likely trying to arrange a care worker rather than blow smoke up your arrse!!!

    Interesting point about the Bde Sig Sqn's. I've met an IS Engr who loved it, but to be fair he worked in the Trg Wing. Would be interesting to have a more up to date oppinion. Have they established any Supvr posts at Bdes yet?
  15. 14 sigs if you like SHEEP!! horizontal rain and wind from every direction but when the sun is out the beaches are packed.