Where are all the eccentrics?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by invisiblehelper, Apr 16, 2009.

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  2. Go for one of the 'normal' sticks like the Jocks Cromag or the Royal Irish Blackthorn. You can then offend the crusties and those Jocks and Irish with no sense of humour. Good luck.
  3. hehe good plan.. Good luck.

    that reminds me, I don't know if any of you lot know, but there's a group gonig around facebook promoting civvies to wear red on fridays in appreciation of troops.

    So If you see someone all in red, H4H band around their wrist you can think "ahh.. good fellow.. he appreciates us..." and that warm glow will not leave you intill some bint is rude to you in the next show you walk into...

  4. Of course there is :roll:

  5. They're all in the SCOTS DG.
  6. The Retd Lt Col who is secretary of the RMPA is pretty "barking", I got dic*ed to drive him somewhere a few year ago and he was dressed like crusty the clown, red trousers, checked shirt and multi coloured bow tie. Mad as a box of frogs.
  7. really...is that when the Army was 150 000 strong, and had the grand total of 1 enduring operational committment...the long winter nights must have flown by in the mess thinking of new ways to be eccentric...i would suggest that times have changed a little and as such, the dynamics of the individuals have changed too
  8. I will chuck a fiver into H4H to carry a stick. However I have no idea where I can source such a stick so I will stop the MG tomorrow and grab one.
  9. Oh, get over yourself. Let's remember an officer in 2 Para at Arnhem Bridge with his umbrella, to quote only one example of style during times of high operational tempo.

    When I was a soldier, in the days of the 200-150,000 man Army, we actually rather enjoyed barking mad officers. It'd be a huge shame if the Officers' Mess of the future came to resemble the tea point in an open-plan KPMG office.
  10. Sad reality - little enough time to be just an also ran officer - let alone one who is "eccentric". also why you can't get away with pruile mistakes, the likes of which everyone tells you they used to.

    Why you can rarely spend your career being a sportsman, get pissed all the time, never go to work but for first and last parades.

    BUT, carrying a stick isn't particularly eccentric. You may be asked why, your Adjt may take issue and then your £5 to H4H, while admirable, may not save you from extras! But, that said, good luck!
  11. hard to unnerstan the terminology here.
    any ever considered the influx of muslims under mining the medical community? they have access to proprietory information. or how about the legal system?

    homeland security issues-
  12. mao was eccentric and see what he did!

    amadinijab {?} is a nut case and see what he,ll do!
    at public expense
  13. Col Baber (Retd.) He's still there - running RHQ (RMP) at Depot. Utter loon, and I'm sure he still lives in the 1920s; but an absolute legend when it comes to swinging the lamp after a few beers. There's no-one better to be a Regt Sec.

    Still can't forget the lesson he gave me and my fellow subbies about eating an artichoke, just in case you were given one at dinner!! 8O

    However there's a Troopie in the Scots DG who lived opposite me at Sanditz - body of a 19 yr old, mind of a 60 year old - had to put up with bl00dy jazz music for 9 effing months (good bloke though)!
  14. We once had a total ecentric, and this was in the 80's-90's who waged a war through the Regimental Beano with a thrusting Major over suitable headress in war zones, Gulf war 1 had just ended and in his mind all ranks should have worn the TOS not tin bins!
    Barking mad, a wonderful charactor, with a wealth of Regimental history and a Victorian dress sense.
  15. Carrying a stick to promote eccentric-ism-nism-bizm.... (insert correct phraseology and spelling)!!!! You really have to stop living on the edge bud!

    Wearing your underpants on your head every last Friday of the month.... now THAT's eccentric! Even more so should you decide to scream "NIPPLES" at random intervals throughout the day.

    Just an idea.... feel free to improvise!