Where are all the Combat Lineman ?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 18yrs_on, Mar 26, 2005.

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  1. Have they all been forced to retrade?
    I see in the wire pictures of people who have served at same units as me and were Linnies.
    Have you been forced to retrade or are you still hanging on? 8O
  2. No you still get the trade Driver/Linesman. Recruiting offices still advertise the job in the booklets.
  3. combat lineman?

    I didnt think there was such a thing anymore. There is no such thing as a combat trade in the signals. 80 years ago it might of been the case
  4. gary 2000
    Was that the year you were born or what.
    The question was to see if there were any who oringinally traded as Combat Lineman were still serving.
    Cant be many about.
  5. Wouldn#t surprise me, if there were not still some liney's tring to dig in the tele brief cable In Sardinia :wink:
  6. is that like a football linesman who's come under fire? e.g. from a rogue travelling pound coin
  7. dont worry there are still some of us about
    i must admit the are not many who still eat shit sarnies or eat pint glasses
    were a dying breed

    but hay rejoice in the linie lament

  8. Can remember the days of the auto 40 exchange.
    Had many a laugh at the RASS in sennelager getting people to hold on to the D10 and then switching on the exchange.50V dc. stings slightly.
    The cushion club in the bar(headed by the linies)
    Hold cushion over head or face and let rest pummel sh1t out of you.
    Come back those educational years.
  9. In an unused cell in some guardroom with a tin of that wax for floors that looked like Lurpak butter, an old guard report from the eighties filled out incorrectly, the instructions for the electric bumper and a GS blanket that some guard commander has used as an exercise sock on a long nightshift.
  10. WTF, stick to invading France, and after we have taken France using an extended line tactic we can start on Spain and Portugal!!
  11. combat linies are probably wearing black donkey jackets with wimpey across the shoulders leaning on shovels with a roll-up in there mouths!
  12. Now, now, thats a bit unfair...you will probably find them queing up to join 23 sigs instead?
  13. no mate theyll be taking the blast walls away! and sweeping the runway
  14. I thought the blast walls were going outside wilders housing estate for the poor and infirm?
  15. hi,
    i joined in 91 as dvr line ,
    about 5 years ago i was told it was scraped , and then became a dvr..now i here 11sr do dvr line classs 3 courses...so the answer is even drivers/linemen/vfwehivbewbewwelbew dont know mate...if you do find out please let rss know asap so they can let me know !!