where and why is the worst signals posting?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by timmytomtom, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. just for future info
  2. Its not 3 div
  3. Although its been done to death in other threads, there is no such thing as a bad posting. For as many people who say a place is a toilet, as many and more will have loved their tour. An open mind is a good tool when being given a posting order.

  4. good question, i suppose you could have a great posting if for example you were put in a tp or a really bad tour if you went to b tp.
    i reckon its all to do with the people you work with.
  5. is germany better than u.k? i think yes! how'd bout you
  6. hahahahahaha i think you hit the nail front and centre
  7. Well, if your attitude is one of asking if it's a crap posting, the answer is likley to be 'all of them'.

    Choose where you prefer to go by all means, but arrive at all of your postings with your eyes open and looking for the good that's there and the answer is likely to be all of them will be good ones.

    After each posting you can compare it with your other postings and just because you found one better than another doesn't make any of them 'crap'.
  8. Anywhere where timmytomtompooodlytiptopflangemonkey and mooch are. Having listened to your whining on here i'm fairly certain you 2 would make any posting a pain in the Arrse :twisted:

    A good posting is made up of not only a good location and a good unit, but more of a good group of lads and a good social life.
  9. 1 Mech - 1 pub, couple of NAAFI shops (one of which should be in Soviet Russia for the amount of stock they ever (don't) have on the shelves. Competing with a whole Brigade and Division for the 2 girls in Amesbury who actually look human (just), taking 2 hours just to get to Swindon before you even get to sit on the M5 & M6 for 6 hours on a friday night. Room inspection in Iraq. Too many people with "good ideas", not very much morale left when I left before Christmas. The lads are alright, but (IMO) a few of the heirachy are too interested in a career and not looking after their lads.
  10. hey ball140, if you check a few postings before you will see i said much the same.
    as for your comment i would say that being new to arrse was the reason why i blew out, ive settled in now and hope you appreciate the change.
    after all, we are from the same unit.
  11. Mooch, how incredibly stupid are you, if you read my posts it quite clear that i aint at 21 and left there 18 months ago. And as for being scotish, get out, i'm English and dam proud of it. Just another example of how stoopid you are, you want people to stop burning you then stop posting gash, we aint gonna stop cos you're asking nicely.
  12. 1 div is awesome posting. great place, great lads great beer ,loads of german birds waiting opened arm for a bit of muscle, aaa a tear in the eye.

    i wish i was there now rather than this rabbit infested warren i currently inhabit in corsham.
  13. Whether or not you find a posting GOOD can start long before you get there.

    Your first reaction when you get that posting ORDER is dependant on whether you asked to go anywhere near there in the first place!

    If you have not been there before you rely on other peoples info / opinions . This results in you getting a picture in your head long before you see the place - this picture can last for long after you get there.

    As has been said before - that other peoples opinions should be taken with a pinch of salt and go in open minded.

    I have been to 4 working units and am about to embark to my 5th. They have all been good for various reasons but most have depended on who I have to work with day in day out.
  14. Shakespeare i wish you were here instead of corsham. your replacement is a chopper. :D :D :D

    1 div is a good posting, just cos of the lads. hell i might even extend. :lol: