Where and how does Int get deployed?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by crayonic, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. I haven't asked a silly question for a while (well not since last week anyway) so here's one I'm interested in knowing about.

    How does the Int Corps work with regards to getting attached to regiments/divisions etc? I mean, is there a Int cell of some description assigned to each regiment or platoon? Or are they called in only for specific jobs on a need-only basis?

  2. Crayonic,

    Military Intelligence (MI) Sections provide Int and Security support to Brigade and higher formations on a permanent basis, deploying with those units as required. This is exactly the same as a Signal Sqn providing comms for a formation, Engineer Sqns provide Sapper support etc etc. Other specialist MI units provide intelligence at strategic and operational level.

    Check out the Intelligence Corps website or the Army recruiting (Specialist)site.
  3. There's a cut and paste job if ever I saw one. Ladies and Gentlemen, that's how you get an LE commission!!!! :p
  4. Seems like a very "official answer" :D

    Thanks, you'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge on military formations - I'm sure I'll pick it up soon.

    So a brigade will have it's own MI sections that it can assign anywhere within that brigade as needed. So how many brigades or higher are there? I'm just trying to get an idea of scale here.

    I've checked the website and couldn't find what I was looking for, which is why I posted here.

  5. After the 6 year point there is always the opportunity to specialise.

    I was fortunate enough to do 2 tours with the Special Medical Investigation Unit.

    Difficult, demanding work, unsocial hours and a work environment that would have most H&S assessors reeling.

    On the flip side: canteen allowance and a Marina Twin Carb!!
  6. Them were the days eh? Couldn't out run a moped, but looked..ooohhh so coool !!! (NOT)
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    MI sections at brigade and divisional level are essentially there to process intelligence and information received from a wide range of sources so that it can be used for planning and decision making. Intelligence is collected by a multitude of different means some of which are controlled and manned by the Int Corps.

    So what? This means that your basic formation MI section works within the formation level HQ: they aren't usually running around in the field, collecting the intelligence themselves. However, it is highly likely in any operational deployment that there will be other Intelligence Corps units and personnel who are out on the ground, in an intelligence collection role.

    Confused yet? You want to try doing it for a few years...
  8. Crayonic,

    If you want to find out more concerning the numbers and locations of brigades, go to the Army website (www.army.mod.uk) and follow the link to 'formations'.

    BTW, quite of few of us Int Corps could do with visiting that link.

    As far as what level we should be deployed at (I like the idea of platoon level by the way!), what we should be going toward is BattleGroup support. You remember them - the boots on the ground, timely decison support to the tactical commander. No?....oh well.....
  9. find myself in the unusual position of agreeing with roseandpose :)

    in Bos with the UN, we deployed juniors down to each rifle company, with one at Bn HQ too. worked incredibly well, and it was a fantastic job at JNCO level.

    the experience you got working at that level, providing intimate support to the Coy... going out on patrols, VCPs etc... low level humint... very, very useful.
  10. That's something I would be very interested in. Sitting in a Brigade HQ for 18 hours a day and not getting out on the ground at all, although in a satisfying job, was not how I expected to deploy.
  11. I believe I am right in saying that on Telic 1 a Forward EW Troop was attached to a Regimental Combat Team of the 1st US Marine Division; Elements of the troop were deployed with the lead infantry battalions for the initial ground offensive. OPMI(L)'s were also attached to forward elements of both 16 AAB and 3 CDO BDE.
  12. We usually deploy with our cuddly toys and fluffy dice.

    Although one time we did have a huge bonfire too.
  13. Don't forget your permie-pens...
  14. This was also done on TELIC 1, see R & L 2003ish?