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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Tony Richardson, May 14, 2012.

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  1. Good Day All. Just taken the plunge and joined ARRSE. 22 years in REME both as Aircraft Tech and then Avionics Tech. If that wasn't enough, I then joined Rotary Wing Support Group, (Aircraft Branch).
    Seemed to spend all my time either at Hobart Barracks in Detmold, (hello Chels), or at Middle Wallop. Now retired - out of work - out to pasture etc.
    It's like being the new-boy. Anyone out there know me?

  2. ".....It's like being the new-boy. Anyone out there know me? "

    The whole fcuking world does now Tony.
    You see .... theres this thing called PerSec. We deliberately don't get toooooo specific with names and definitely don't then add a specific location and date to it.
    We do stuff like " hi my name is T_ _y R _char_ _n and did 22 in REME..... fixed planes 'n stuff.
    Anybody who DID know you will not think you are a crap,illiterate typist but will figure out the bits missing and understand you are just being careful .
    There actually are loonies, jihadists and other mongs out there in hyperspace who may decide its fun to stalk you and progress from there.
    Welcome to Arrse .
  3. B_AND_T

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  4. You're that dude from Time Team?
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  5. Wordsmith

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  7. 22 years in & internet persec passed you by in 'all' that time?

    I expect this from a sproggy matelot or even crab but REME??
  8. Why the surprise?

    To be fair, he's no longer serving, and even if he was, as a BAT he's of no real interest to the current range of adversaries. Or even past ones.
  9. Oh ffs! Go and put your tinfoil hat back in it's box!...******* loon!
  10. Someone in Durkadurkastan could pinch his identity...
  11. Poor, sad, lonely sod.

    Tony, according to the information you've provided, in answer to your question you're in North Yorkshire.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Well he's safe then. Not even the most committed anything, let alone a Jihadi, is going to bother with a trip to North Yorkshire.
  13. Not surprised, and agreed he's no longer serving however does'nt anyone read Forum FAQ's these days in ref to do's & don'ts..
  14. So ......Recce19 from the land of bratwurst ......
    Or should I address you as eg. John Smith 38 Ardbegg Str. Koln ?

    No ? Thought not.
  15. Couldn't care less! I left in '94 and I doubt anyone would be interested in my whereabouts - except the ex and she already knows!

    Out of curiosity, how did you find out my details so quick?