Where am I supposed to Live?????

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by chunky, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. As a single homeowner I'm being posted more than 50 miles as a duty posting. Fair enough. I am due to get married (thank God) a few weeks after I'm posted. I cannot get a straight answer on HOW I can move. I cannot afford to pay a mortgage AND food/accom charges for the interim period but i need to maintain my civvy home because it has all my furniture in it. I will rent out my house as soon as I can get a MQ but what am I supposed to do in the mean time. It is at least a 90 minute drive each way to my new post and apparently I'm not eligible for RILOR/RESPOD. If I stay in my house and commute at my own expense, set up home with my new wife and then move to the new duty station 2 weeks later will the Army pay moving costs and Disturbance allowance? Who knows - certainly not my admin office.

    In the mean time WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE?
  2. Chunky - remain calm - I've got the boys in the office looking att his right now for you (seriously!)

    Be right back! :D
  3. OK, here's the score. :D Without knowing the specifics, it's a little hard to provide a tailored solution, but here goes!

    1. First, do you satisfy the eligibility requirements?

    Service personnel are eligible for RILOR provided one of the following applies:

    a. They are MARISTAT 1, 1s/c 2 or 5s/c and are occupying either their own property or privately rented accommodation.

    b. They are MARISTAT 3, 4 or 5, and have completed 3 years service and are occupying either their own property or privately rented accommodation.
    (You qualify!)

    2. Does any of the following make you ineligible?

    The following are not eligible to claim RILOR:

    a. Service personnel who have claimed or will claim a refund of expenses related to house purchase in relation to their current tour of duty. However, where a SFA or other publicly funded accommodation is occupied temporarily whilst awaiting the completion of the purchase of their private RAS, they may claim RPOD whilst residing in that accommodation.

    b. Service personnel accommodated in any publicly funded accommodation scheme.

    c. A university, medical or dental cadet.

    d. Service personnel who travel as passengers in a car with a claimant of RILOR or RPOD, other than on an infrequent basis, which does not exceed 5 days travel per month.

    e. Service personnel who can use transport provided under Service arrangements for travel to and from work, whether or not they actually use it. They may, however, be eligible for RILOR when the scheduled journeys of such transport do not reasonably correspond with their hours of duty.

    f. R IRISH (HS) Service personnel.

    (I suspect that you are still eligible!)

    3. Have you served more than 3 years? If not, you are ineligible!

    Assuming you satisfy the criteria, you are entitled to RILOR up to 50 miles each way (minus 9 miles own contribution=82 miles a day).

    I suggest the following course of action:

    1. Write to your new (receiving) Unit, and let them know the score - you will be claiming RILOR through them.

    2. Any CO can extend RILOR up to 70 miles, in certain circumstances. Write a Formal letter to him/her, and ask!!

    Your particular circumstances had 3 former SFAs (all WO1s now) scratching their heads, but this is the best we can do without knowing details!

    Just to reiterate, you are entitled to RILOR. It just took a gang of wizards to find that out, however!!

    Good luck!! If you want more targeted help, pm me!! :D
  4. My apologies, I didn't answer the other queries you had.

    You must be married to claim RESPOD.

    The Army will not pay Disturbance Allowance, or other allowances, as it will be your first move.

    So, in this case, stay in your own home, commute to your new Place of Duty, claim RILOR for 2 weeks, then get married, get your MQ, stop claiming RILOR, move into new MQ, rent out own home.

    Good luck, mate :D
  5. Thanks for such a detailed and swift response. sadly I am still panicking as I did claim a refund of my legal expenses - that was the one thing my admin office could tell me. As you can see I'm in a bit of a pickle at the mo. If you have any further ideas I would really love to hear them as right now I'm stuck.
    On the question of setting up home at my old address, but after posting, would I qualify for the super-duper pads deal of wads of cash and some civvies to move all of my kit?
  6. Hmmm...what exactly did you claim for? I say this because eligible Service personnel, who move residence on posting and claim a refund of legal fees for house sale and/or purchase, have no entitlement to RILOR during that tour of duty, unless their Duty Station is London, in which case they are entitled to RILOR up to maximum of the 50 mile rate.

    In your case, you are in your own (private) home now, but wish to move to (public) SFA. Therefore, you may still be able to claim RILOR because you are not buying/selling your home due to the move. You merely wish to bridge the gap between now (single) and then (married).

    I would go for it - ask your new Unit. And write to your new boss. I approved RILOR for a bloke at my last Unit who lived in Munster (own home) and commuted to work every day (Gutersloh!!) He eventually got an MQ in the area.
  7. If you claimed Legal Fees in relation to your current posting then there is no problem. The block on you claimin RILOR only lasts for the duration of that posting. If you are posted, but retain your private home then RILOR is payable at the 50 (or 70 at CO's discretion) mile rate.

    Don't think you can swing removals and disturbance though!