where am i going??

What rank should i realisticly be looking to achieve in the next 4 years as a knew logistic supply regular??? would apreciate anyones comments. Cheers!

Depends on a few variables if you are actually being serious:


Knowledge of trade (you will pick it up as you go)

Drinking Buddies (being seniors)

Leadership qualities


If you do super well you may end up with Lance jack.
Mate it really depends, like MB said, on a high number of factors. I'm sure your common sense has already worked that out. Best tip is to get on with people, have confidence in your abilities and be able to speak to seniors of all levels, work your arse off, don't bring personal issues into work, keep fit, don't get yourself in the shit. I got to Sgt from Pte after 6 years so it can be done.
One of the factors being the ability to make yourself understandable in English.

Or is that not required anymore in the all encompassing multi-everthing nurturing services?

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