where abouts of the corps tent for the army navy 2007

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by always-ARMD, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. ive heard the corps tent is gonna be behind the west stand somewhere any ideas anyone
  2. Tis true mate - just head for the biggest tent there :D

  3. once again we will fill the biggest tent, and now its on the west stand side its nearer the cabbage patch
  4. Apparently, it will be the biggest tent that the Twickenham experience jobbies have ever agreed to have at the ground.

  5. only cos they want to fleece us with beer prices
  6. Caught wind that it might be in the new South Stand Bar? Will ask someone who organises and post details tomorrow.

  7. im doin the tickets for my lot and was told the west stand was tryin to get confirmation on this site but will try and get more info tomorrow and will post asap, was told the west stand cos the tent is gonna be bigger and there is more room
  8. Just checked my wristbands and it says "West Stand number 2"

  9. is that for the bar or entrance to the stadium for the game, we are on leave till monday when we get our tickets so cant check yet but will ask tomorrow
  10. Armd - sorry being a mong.

    Tickets are for Gate E - East Middle and the wristbands say West Village 2.

    Hope that helps mate.

  11. yeah i think west village 2 is our tent near the west stand