Whens the sun over the yard-arm for you?


1800hrs is my usual kick-off time though when I occasionally cook Sunday lunch I'll glug a couple of glasses of wine while I'm doing it, starting around 11. I've learned that if I do drink at lunchtime, I'm not going to get anything worthwhile achieved in the afternoon, so I generally avoid it.
mai..muh.. my.. thranxsh

hic.. erm.. ahem..

Thank you ever so much, my dear Frilly..
quite civilized , really..

Care to join me?.. I've ordered the Chateau Lafitte '67 up from the cellar and some merlot to go with the prawns at supper..

or we could just rip open a few Heinekens and see who can piss the furthest...


old_bloke said:
Geordy Liney I had the misfortune to share a room with had an unusual way of starting his day. Lying under the covers of his fettid bed, you would see a hand affixet to an arm apear, feel over the bedside locker for the fags, pull one out and grasp the lighter. Withdraw back-under the covers to spark up. Then after the caughing fit and flemmish dancer the hand would return , this time to scrabble on the floor for the bottle of "Metaxa (3 star) brandy". This time the hand/arm combo would flash back under after which you heared the gasping AHHHH after he took a few mouthfulls.

He was a trully strange man, after one session over a weekend he also went sick telling the Doc that "Ive had alcohol poisoning before and I've got it again" like it was a sore throat or something.

We also had a tech who went out of his way to prove that it was impossible to spend all you wages (full screw tech in BOAR 1983)on beer in one month. He went out every night , only buying for himself till he fell down. Still had cash at the end of the month.
I had the misfortune to share a room with Pizza face aka woods stupid, nice enough fellah after his first 20 fags under the counterpane! pretty sure he couldnt drink though!
hogspawn said:

Have you never, ever, had a cold one after a sh1tty night duty, at 0700 on a sunny summer morn?

As I said, when I was in uniform yeah, down the market pubs. But I've been out of uniform for almost ten years...

I knew a chap who would leave a screwdriver next to his bed so he could have it first up in the morning. OK it was me but yould should have seen what I was shagging at the time before you pass any judgement.
Never before 1700 on a school night but after lunch on weekends.

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