Whens the sun over the yard-arm for you?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Vegetius, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. I'm sure many of us here enjoy a drink after a hard day's whatever-it-is-you-do-for-a-living. The question is, when is it acceptable to Get On It without coming across as a prime candidate for a job as a Big Issue seller?

    For example, I work funny hours. So sometimes I'll crack open a nice chilly San Miguel at 14:00, but never before 12:00. 12:00 is my mental cut-off point for the sun going over the yard-arm and I've only ever really drunk before that on Stag weekends or after a very gutty job. I once asked an army doctor friend if I was an alcoholic and he asked me these questions, given that he'd spent eighteen years administering to the medical needs of squaddies:

    Do you get the shakes? (No)
    Do you wake up in the morning gagging for a drink? (No)
    Do you have days when you really didn't fancy a drink (Yes)

    His view was that a No, No, Yes to these questions in that order didn't make you a lush no matter how much you were putting away in his (pragmatic) humble. Phew.

    So, for me my golden rule is no booze before 12:00.

    Does anybody else have a different view and why? Please share your earliest time of the day drinking exploit...mine was (A) when I got married and I found myself drinking Jack Daniels in a taxi into central London at 09:00 which was strangely pleasant and (B) when I worked nights in uniform and used to go on epic apres-shift boozing sessions at 07:30 at the market pubs with all the other old bill, nurses, doctors and market porters.

  2. I have witnessed the gentlemen of the Highland Regiments supping Port at the breakfast table,which is but a small step removed from their forebears breakfasting on oatmeal and whisky as they did before many an engagement.Personally,I am no longer a fan of the lunchtime pint/Harvey Wallbanger/Punt e mes carpano.I prefer to reserve my savage excesess until after the sun sets.

    Having said that,The sun is over the yardarm somewhere in the world 24 hours a day
  3. During the week: no earlier than 1900

    Weekends: not before 1300 and only after lunch
  4. I always try not to drink during the day. Not that i find anything disturbing about it, its just that if i drink before about 7 in the evening, i tend to end up a gibbering wreck by about 5.

    One of the most memorable occasions was at the Panaga Highland Games in Brunei, when i started on chemically brewed Anchor lager at 11 in the morning. After a couple of cans i completely ignored the need to hydrate in 40 degree heat and 100 percent relative humidity. By 4 in the afternoon i was in the medical center with a tube down my neck and my veins being pumped with fluids by a very annoyed duty doctor. This put me off daytime drinking for life, i needed to take leave to get over the hangover.

    I've started to make exceptions for mess functions, top table lunches and the like but take it easy during the afternoon. I think its an age thing, the older i get the more the thought of stumbling around like a gibbering wreck doesnt appeal to me. Unless the grog is free of course, then i snap like a two bar kit kat.

  5. Usually around 1700-1800 depending on day and activity, although am willing to start as early as 1100. It's this stressful student lifestyle you see. (Duck and cover)

    Earliest, well, sitting in the O'neills in Stansted Airport enjoying a full english and pint of Guinness... at 0630. Happy days.
  6. On my last ship we used to have "Breezer Breakfasts" for the morning after socials.
    There was no avoiding them. It was no use trying to burrow into the depths of your pit, as some f*cker would just grab you by the ankles and haul you out, which was a bit painful if were on the top j*zz-chariot.
    You would be marched up to the mess, and have some vile, luminescent green or magenta concoction thumped down before you, and made to drink it on pain of having your Hetero certification withdrawn. After two or three of these things, you were ready-ish for Rent-a-Breakfast, which was essentially a big greasy trucker's breakfast that would go down, hit he floor of your stomach and bounce right back up at the speed of an express train.
    As a result of these experiences, I do not drink before about 1500.
    Having a few tinnys after coming off the middle watch is a whole different matter. I have fond memories of taking half a slab up onto the upperdeck at around 0415, and laying there getting blissed and watching the distant flares from the gulf oil platforms.
    After a couple of hours of putting the world to rights and throwing bottle tops at he bridge watchkeepers when they ventured out onto the wings, we would repair below for a an hour of franky Vaughn, and by that time we would of built up an appetite for breakfast. One would then wolf down a greasy trucker's, and breathe ale fumes all over the Joss before stagering down below to get it down until midday, and get up in time for lunch... :D
  7. I work shifts, so when I finish at 07:00, on the odd occasion I'll go home, get my dinner on, settle down with a beer and chow down watching some morning TV. It's only like doing a normal day shift and cracking a beer open at 19:00hrs.
    Jobs a good un!!
  8. Good effort, genuinely impressed.

    Good point! I'd forgotten airport boozing before going on holiday. Mrs. Veg and I got quite pished before getting on a flight to the USA at Terminal 3 at HAL...broke my other boozing rule which relates to drinking and getting on areoplanes. The other memorable boozing occasion was when we visited Dublin for the weekend. We were sitting in the bar at Terminal One (drinking Guinness at about 10:30) when the missus nudged me and pointed out that the Godfather of Soul, James fcuking Brown, was sat next to us eating a rubbery croque monsueir and a cup of coffee! I never hassle celebs, but I was tempted to ask for an autograph.

  9. 1800 for me - unless a leaving do/birthday will then drink at lunchtime. Once I start though.................
  10. It all depends on where I am and who I'm with. On the whole, I'm no longer a big drinker, a couple a day maybe, and perhaps double that at weekends, the shine has well and truly worn off of "legless and puking" it all seems a little undignified these days.
    My age has caught up with me, so drinking at lunchtime just makes me want to head up the wooden hill to bedfordshire :oops: so I tend to stay dry till 19.00 then just pace myself.

    Jeeeesus, I've grown into a boring old fart! 8O Right, wheres my coat? I'm off to the pub! :wink:
  11. Veg

    Have you never, ever, had a cold one after a sh1tty night duty, at 0700 on a sunny summer morn?


    I put the first guinness down the hatch at 0830 for the rugby world cup Nov 2003, as the match started then and the pub was open specially, it was rude not to!
  12. '8 before 8'

    The day after my final final. It was a Friday & several of us met at a friend's house at 0500hrs to down 8 cans of Stella before 0800hrs. We then staggered into the S.U. (usually a 15 minute walk - that day it took around an hour) where our friendly barman kept us supplied with drinks of the alcoholic variety way before the legal time, waiting for other pals to finish their last exams. By the time the last lot from our course finished their last exam at 1700hrs we were near death, but in a good way! 8)

    As for what time I drink alcohol these days, well, it depends upon which time-zone I choose to align myself with! :D :lol:
  13. Anytime after 1000 hrs is fair game but everything in moderation, but never during working hours.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have downed the odd tennents super after preeping a load of bunnies at about 0700 after a good nights lamping, helps to anethatise against the gut shot ones. Will drink round the clock work permitting. I used to drink at lunchtimes but work suffered on day shifts, now i dont do round the clock rosters I tend to save the bells and McEwans for the train home!
    Sad old civvy!