Whens the next RMP intake?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by woody86, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. I'm desperate to get out of my civvy job and into the army ASAP, haven't had selection yet but I'm expecting a date really soon as my GP has finally pulled her finger out and returned the medical forms for the second time (after half-arsedly filling out incorrectly the first time round)

    Heard there's an intake in Jan 09 - anyone know if I'm likely to get in for then, if say, hypothetically I get selection within the next 2 weeks?

    Anyone else going RMP?
  2. Yeah Im joining RMP. Start basic next monday.
  3. How long did your whole recruitment take? When did you do selection?

    Good luck for Monday! Wish I was going in then.
  4. From March this year till Now really. Did selection June 5th. Did selection up at Glencorse ADSC. Thanks for the luck mate. Any other questions get in touch.
  5. I am also going RMP. Got to go to AFCO running club on Thursday before they give me dates for selection (sometime next month roughly). Anyway, I spoke to someone involved in RMP recruitment and he says they are currently oversubscribed for phase 2 so obv phase 1 may be delayed or you could spend some time inbetween the two.
  6. Dont know. I dont mind a delay between phase 1 and 2. Means more leave. Think about it Lmao. Cant wait for phase one. :D Next intake for you is Jan I think. Not sure.
  7. Oh yeh I also have no problem with a delay even if it means doing really boring jobs in between. I just want to get started
  8. Good luck mate.
  9. Good to luck to you! You're the one off next week.

    My current part of the joining up process just involves running around a field for an hour :D lol
  10. My intake isnt set till January the 19th, dont know about the rest
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