Whens a Major not a Major

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by notasheep1, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. If a Major leaves the TA - can he still use the title Major? Are there any records the public can see see that shows when a Major was in the TA and what he did?
  2. Who cares.........
  3. An officer of Field rank retains the right to use his rank as a title after leaving so if he is that insecure, technically yes he can be called Major if you choose to do so. he can also be called knob and do nothing about it

    The London Gazette records all commissions, promotions and resignations. Not what he did though
  4. Who you trying to bubble and why?
  5. Are you chasing a potential Walt ? The Gazette will list when he Commissioned etc, but TA Offrs are not shown in the Army List.
    Proving what he did while serving will be a bit of a Detective story.

    .....My favourite is a clown who in addition to the usual hints about connections with "Them" also claims to be a Professor.

    Hello Alan.
  6. Do serving soldiers have to address the insecure by their old rank? Is there anything in QRs that says we have to?
  7. TA officers are shown in the army list!

  8. Who cares..... Why should a TA Officer get the same as a regular Officer... U should not think that having retired Major after your name is acceptable, You are already in the civilian employment area what are you after......
  9. I don’t think so mate, it’s normally done as a mark of respect or the fact that the RO is normally bessies with the boss and it is best to call them Colonel or Sir. :D
  10. The rank conciousness bit reminds me of the eejit who joined our Bn as an OC and at the next Dinner Night was, late on in the evening, standing in the bogs. The following conversation is understood to have occurred.

    Capt P " Hello X"
    OC " You should call me Sir"
    Capt P " I'll call you cnut"
    ....Smack, Claret etc.....

    The bloke left the unit soon after, unmourned.
  11. I stand corrected. Looked for me once, without success. Crap with Dictionaries too.... :D
  12. What about retired majors who are now civil servants working for MOD can you call them what you like?
  13. Well that depends how **** they are... as far as i am concerned a civi is a civi, When u leave full time service u are like everybody else or is that just the lower ranks......
  14. Oh goody looking forward to work on Monday, someones gonna end up being called a cnut
  15. See my post above.

    I suppose it all boils down to your working relationship with them, their position in the organisation and how much of a highly strung, self-important prick they are :D