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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Jim_Research, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. I was on Radio 5 Live a few days back discussing the poor state of SOME squaddie accn in the UK - having been asked in my capacity as an ex squaddie (who also happens to do research). One IN telephone-er DEMANDED to know why his friend's son who is serving in Iraq was having to get and send some shelf brackets from B&Q and some food from a supermarket. AND Mr indignant civvie went on... He only has a bed where is he supposed to put his stuff???

    "Would you like to come in there Jim?" says the genial Tony Nolan

    I responded that the topic under discussion was soldier's accn in the UK but in any event:
    a. He's got his own bed?
    b. keep his kit under it or wear it
    c. food from UK - good move, great for swaps with the yanks.

    Mr indignant civvie was about then to explode but was terminated by someone on the switches.

    So old and older chums what did you or do you always take into t'field? or if you can't or don't wish that you could?

    Blow up doll, back issues of girlie mags etc are considered a given (or taken).

    Boringly I have a toilet bag that holds loads in pockets and zippers and when opened up has a hook for hanging on.. a tree, an idle person etc. (available from NEXT).

    My old Mum sent me a cake every month ( tin sized one not a cup cake and that always went down well on't border.

    OR does everyone now take shelf brackets from B&Q?
  2. B&Q shelf brackets? What the hell is he going to attach them to in a tent? :confused:
  3. Argos do these canvas collapsible shelves that you can hang from a rail. Even if there's no rail, you can still lay them flat on the floor and keep your bits and pieces in there. And they fold down to nothing and/or they're cheap enough to abandon at the end of the tour.
  4. I buy really, really cheap kit which I flog to the locals at the end of a trip. I can then gently amble between Terminal Whatever and Terminal Miles Away without raising a sweat, not worrying whether BA have sent it to Anchorage.
  5. Nowadays guys take flat pack MFI and IKEA furniture, not to mention the B&Q shelf brackets with wooden shelving and some pretty curtains!

    I just made did with some nice soft andrex bog roll to wipe ones hoop! Better than the greaseproof paper in the rat packs!
  6. This is what you want to get:

  7. That will take at least 6 months to blow up!
  8. All one needs is a decent supply of port, a suitable decanter and the finest crystal to finish off the hardest of days of dealing with revolting natives....oh, and a man to serve to it.

    I suppose a wee table to place the decaner on might be handy (as a concession to this thread).

    Tally ho, hic!
  9. And not forgetting ones Mess Kit or DJ!
  10. [/quote]And not forgetting ones Mess Kit or DJ![/quote]

    Well, one simply must keep up appearances.
  11. And of course it wouldn't be complete without a Band.

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  12. Can't help thinking about the string quartet in 'Carry Up the Kyber' - when the guest at dinner refers to the "Bloody awful racket, isn't it?" (reffering the the gunfight going on outside) to me be met wwith the reply of "yes, their they're not particulary good are they?" from Lady Ruff-Diamond (reffering to the band)!

    Ah, stuff of Empire.

    Pass the port, Old Chap.
  13. Apologies for mong spelling in my last - too much port this evening!
  14. Best thing I ever bought. Been on 3 tours so far and no drama's...all for £10 and the collapsed size of slightly larger than A4.
  15. a good malt*
    Solar shower
    Spam camp cot
    a good malt
    Clothes pegs
    stupidly hot chili sauce
    if at all possible, a good malt

    * or some other suitable, fit-for-purpose liquid