When your alone in the voting Booth

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. My thoughts exactly there is nobody to shout racist in that booth this is where the race relations industry could bite mr Obama on the backside with people just saying the right thing in public.
  2. An Anglo-Saxon(or close to it) name seems to be another requirement for the role of President.
  3. I was somewhat disappointed when I actually read this thread as I'd expected something more NAAFI-esque (perhaps about 'speed/danger thrapping') from the title.

    Since it's a sensible thread though, I'll agree that many people's public opinions are by no means the same as their private opinions, but even so I'd be surprised if McCain wins by a landslide.
  4. There wont be a landslide either way but victory for Obama is'nt as nailed on as the BBC would have us believe
  5. I am also upset about this.
    I was hoping it was going to be about abusing Cerie Booth.The money grabbing,pig ugly,cunty bolloxs wife of Tony.
  6. I think Obama has it sown up, but not as a run away.
    Another close election.
  7. It will be pretty close, as neither candidate is obviously the "best", and both have their pros and cons.

    If that Sarah Palin porn film comes out before the election, that might swing it for the Republicans. The male vote, you know ;) :D
  8. Canute? Ælfric?

    Or do you mean the Greco-Jewish names that started to come around once everyone converted to Christianity...

    Anglo Saxons are a long gone people