When you went to war, what did you bring back?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. I didn't bring anything back from the first Gulf as I didn't even see any Iraqis to rob. However I did bring back couple of Artillery empty cases with Russian writing on from Bosnia which now lie in a box with the rest of my Army statues and crap. Which I will soon get round to sorting out.

    I know a Geordie Signals bloke that brought a wife back from Bosnia and made the News of The World and GMTV.

    So did you bring anything interesting back from a jolly abroad?

    If your the bloke from 5 Scots I don't need to know about any fingers (allegedly)
  2. An AK brand new only dropped once whith a magazine & sevral rounds. stuck it behind the fire wall on my spartan. errm no only joking i ddnt. But iv herd that aparently people did lol .
  3. Some Yugo cash of massive demoninations, I remember well our collective thoughts of "holy fuck look at all this money, we could be loaded" then the immediate realisation that it was worth nowt.

    The sight of Ted checking the underside of his ballbag as we all walked into the room.

    The sickening feeling you get when you know that you have recently been walking on a patch of ground that contained a landmine that some other unlucky bloke "found".

    Some Matterhorns (finally)

    That is all
  4. Myself, thank fuck.
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  5. A huge pile of shit stained pants and D&V which lasted four days.

    Plus a lot of horrible memories and a few good ones and a desire never ever to go again.
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  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I never brought anything back
    I posted it all
    I was the only fucker sending boxes of t shirts home from Al Amarrah in July
    God bless the royal mail it all arrived safely
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  7. Brown Bess musket, from a market stall in Kabul 2001
  8. Joking apart, nobody robbed any Iraqis.
  9. A couple of Iraqis robbed two jerry cans of JP8 from my LR Wolf though.
  10. So they gifted all those NVG's, helmets, map cases, bayonets etc that were doing the rounds in the block?
  11. Heat rash!! And a surefire torch bought of a yank for $20 dollars :D op telic 4
  12. Chlamydia telic 7.

    Dirty RMP cunt. Her fanny was so wet i could hear the waves crashing in her pocket.
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  13. 2 x extra 110s and a grenade splinter in my upper left arm.
  14. I think you will find there was no need to take such items from anyone who wanted to keep them.
  15. My mate came back with a side pouch full of other people's undies that had been discarded in a skip in Shieba.

    He reckons some cunt had stitched him up! Who would think of a trick like that?
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