when you pass out as a guardsman

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cferguson, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. after you pass out as a guardsman, how long do you nee to do ceremonial duties?
  2. Not being funny, but must every bloody person be fecking lazy?
    Aren't you supposed to be doing the research?
  3. no mate you dont really get the answer for this sort of stuff, especially when some of the men in the guards hate doing ceremonial duties.
  4. You can get the answer if you had a crack at it, and if in doubt ask your recruiter.
  5. all depends on the regiment you join.
    the welsh and the irish dont have incremental companys so if you joined them no you wouldnt take part in ceremonial dutys for a while
    the grens, coldstream an scots all have to do 6 months minimum before joining their battallions.

    however there are rumours going round my battallion that the irish are making an incremental company

    anyways guards easy, 2 hours work, 22 hours sleep an free scoff, gotta love it ;)
  6. If you think you will resent ceremonial duty then why did you join a Guards regiment?
  7. Good point! Why join GuardsDiv if you want to be solely a steely-eyed-dealer-of-death?
  8. just really wanted to start junior training
  9. I suggest you join the cav, less standing around more looking dashing
  10. Yep, I've heard that I'll have to do somewhere around 1 1/2 - 2 years ceremonial in HCav! So don't be fussy ;)
  11. haha **** that sh!t!!
  12. there are far too many people joining the guards that don't have a clue what it involves. There was this kid at my recruiting office going to selection that didn't even know the guards did ceremonial duties. Bloody moron.
    Fcuk wearing all that gear though. I'd rather not look like a retard, lmao.
  13. yehh haha, my dad was in the paras and when i told him i was joining the guards he said f*ck that having to clean all there uniforms haha!
  14. It's not just stuck to the guards.
    Far too many mongs join with a vision of rainbows, butterflies, shits and giggles, and fall to pieces upon realising the realities.
    I've meet some tossers who've cracked on in joining the infantry and had a cry and a pissy fit when they realise their primary purpose is to engage the enemy ie shoot the bastards. The mind boggles 8O
  15. im not really expecting it to be all like rainbows and butterfly's, i know the realities of things and know what to expect when i go in for basic. im just goin to keep my head down and listen haha