When you just cant look away...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tank8367, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. I was waiting to get some cash from me local Halifax this AM...I clocked a 'Yummy Mummy' in the queue about 5yds away,she had a kid in a buggy that was yowling like a good 'un...she had a very short mini skirt on,squatted down to calm the kid and i copped a load of see through gusset...then she clocked me :oops: but i could not look away....I felt a bit embarrassed at the time but,being a bit of a voyeur,it will be me latest deposit in the 'Wank Bank'....did i do the right thing by keeping on looking? Should i have reached down and stroked her cat? Anyone had a similar experience or am i alone in my perversion? :wink: Tank8367
  2. should of gone for it, you were in deep enough after she clocked you.

    (edited for being a mong)
  3. "Ladies and gentlemen, our guest on today's episode of "How I Got Onto the Sex Offenders' Register" is..."
  4. I get caught out staring at ladies bits nad pieces all the time.
    When caught out just smile and go about your business, it rarely causes offence!
  5. It makes their day.
  6. I know exactly what you mean. Like when you see your mentally handicapped baby brother with his first ever erection and you just can't tear your eyes away.
  7. In Dublin for a stag doo in March.

    Sunday morning, rather hazy and heading for the taxi rank there was a woman - late 20's walking behind us, with a trolley bag, we let her past and she had a great figure.

    She was wearing a "laura ashley" type summer dress as it was pretty mild and sunny.

    Anyway, I turned to one of the stag party and said " would it be nice for a gust of wind to just lift that up" We giggled and walked on watching her wiggle it.

    She got to the top of the road and stopped at the traffic lights and a small breeze caught her dress. Up it went to reveal a peach of an arse, and a g string right betwext. She turned round to find all 5 of us jaw dropped and staring like kiddies in a toy shop.

    She was a wanked over later when I got home!
  8. aslong as you wernt eyeing up the kid :D
  9. BFG9000 I thought i was more of a serial monkey spanker :D seriously,my missus has been on nights for a week now...me feckin' arm is killing me...I was even drooling over the flag girl at the virtual dog races at Mr Hills this Aft...she has got a nice arse :wink:
  10. Scroffula... :lol: :lol: :lol: A truly shocking but also intriguing reply :twisted: Tank8367
  11. :lol:

    I'm not saying women who don't want to be ogled should wear a Burqha but frankly, I don't understand a person who will wear a fanny-pelmet and then get all huffy when you sneak a peak at their mussel.

    C'mon, ladies; remember you are dealing with a species that sees "peach" as simply a fruit, not a colour. Play fair.
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Quite so. If your message is for one person then encrypt it and send it by landline. If you broadcast in clear don't call foul when anyone with a receiver gets your message.

    (I know what I mean)