When you buy 5 gallons of paint, best put it in the boot.

There's no way you could gloss over that...


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The court case will be a farce - it will be a whitewash!

Aih theng yew!! I am available for bar mitzvahs, mess do's and company smokers.
Just Googled the VRN and it's South African, registered in Kwa Zulu Natal.
All together now: "Hold them down you Zulu Warriors...."
A similar thing happened to a chap I work with, he nipped to Halfords for a tin of Black Satin spray paint (500ml) he stuck it on the dash board it promptley bounced off and was pierced by something.
He looked like he'd been BBQ'd and the van interior was an EMO's wet dream.
Never mind what they did with the paint - if they brushed up on their driving skills it wouldn't have happened in the first place.
Not quite on such a grand scale but I had something similar happen im the wifes Rangerover with 5Lt plastic tub of white emulsion - harsh braking, smacked against the front of the footwell and ploosh, paint alles uber der platz.

Got home, parked on a slope and let loose with a hose inside the car. Drastic but it worked, even the carpet came up clean.
Some good comments following the original story

and to think Michael Jackson paid a fortune to change colour, if only he had known.... he could have saved a lot of money. But on a serious note, when questioned the driver of the other car said "It was the white dudes fault" the officer replied "It´s ok sir we believe , anyways he has no rights , so you will win!"

I bet there was real strain on the family and this only served to paint over the cracks...

At least the have an excuse to get a new car...i think they should go for a roller......

Breaking News
X factor winner matt cardle is embroiled in a argument with a Durban family over unfinished painting and decorating work, The family state Cardle left doors and windows half painted and fled with £15.00. Cardle rejected allegations saying at the time he was 5900 miles away recording a song "when we collide" the family state he his rubbing salt in to their wound with the song tiltle. A family friend of cardle added no way was it matt it was more like gloss and they were trying to blacken his name, matts agent cowell says its a big mix up and a grey area.

For sale 2002 fiat
Nice runner,
Good engine,
Recent paint job.......

The good news is that the Tate Gallery has purchased them for 6.5 million.So oils well that ends well.

On the way home afterward, they only made white-hand turns.

i wonder if taste like ,
they could get jobs as stand in snowmen for ones that have been stolen out of gardens

The car is definitely a white-off!!

It's no big deal people! Just BRUSH it off!

Nice paint job! I bet they laugh their socks off at this when they look back in future years- great story! Hope it was only their pride that got hurt.

only those outside the car could joke.those inside just wondered wether they were fully covered.

I don`t think 1 coat will be enough it beats the dulux dog

What an open invitation for all the bad puns you can think of. Hilarious, and I mean the comments.

great that no one was hurt, and they should make a fortune advertising paint

They were lucky it was white paint. If their colour choice had been more adventurous they could have been marooned !!!

the lengths that Charles and Camilla will go to to get their own back!

This story paints a pretty picture

yet more at: Strange News: Whole Family Drenched In White Emulsion After Car Crash Bursts A Tub Of Paint | World News | Sky News

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