When will we see the MP's take a serious Paycut ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Henno G, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. What do you think ?
  2. Not in my lifetime!
  3. You're in the wrong forum, this should have beed posted in Jokes!!
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  4. Do they need to? Salary is 65k, which is slightly less than a Lt Col gets. My local council has 40+ employees on salaries bigger than this, up to a Chief executive on more than CGS. Arguably, MP's pay is too low compared with the kind of job that most MPs could achieve elsewhere. MP's pay is the wrong place to look for savings.

    Allowances are another issue, but, don't forget that the majority of MP's allowances are legitimate business expenses that would be paid by most employers. The outrage about duck ponds, porn films etc is fine, but that does not mean that MPs should not be able to claim for their office and travel expenses etc.

    Personally, I'd like to see MPs paid a little more, with an end to an open check book for expenses. Give them a fixed budget on which to run their offices.
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  5. I'd rather see them all take a throat cut!
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  6. Agreed that the salaries are, if anything, too low. For the job that they do and the hours that many of them work (far more than you would imagine in most cases) 65k a years ain't all that.

    Office expenses are strictly regulated:

    Staffing Expenditure: In its annual review published March 2012, IPSA stated that it had increased the budget limit for staffing to £137,200 for non-London area MPs and £144,000 for London area MPs. This money can be paid directly to staff as salaries and related costs: it is not a personal expense available to the MP

    The biggest problem is lack of transparency in what we might deem 'non essential' expenses. Duck ponds aside, there should be far stricter rules on what MPs can spend on and a ban on any profit being made on the sale of properties that have, effectively, been purchased (on a mortgage) at taxpayers' expense
  7. Many of us work long hours for much less, often unpaid hours. They should lead by example, they want us to take cuts and tighten our belts, well where's the evidence of them doing the same?
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  8. I would argue that a lot of them would find it difficult to get employment in the real world.
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  9. MPs who go into politics for the money are not the right sort of person for the job. We should stop the Uni/resercher/PSS/ safe seat candidate who has no real world work experience or bussiness background.
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  10. Pay cut?
    How about just getting them to focus on being a MP?

    How many have second or more jobs?
    There's at least one working as a GP and countless on variours boards in exec roles.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not remember ever seeing a disclaimer next to the casndidates name on the ballot paper stating that they were standing for a part-time position
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  11. Usually non-exec roles, but I get your point.

    No-where are the duties of an MP defined and they have no contract of employment which defines their hours and commitment to parliament and their constituencies. Historically, being an MP has always been a part time role and the vast majority of MPs had other jobs and interests.

    It is only in recent years that we have got he professional, career politician who get parachuted into a safe seat in the twenties or early thirties on the back of their PPE degree.

    Personally, I'd rather see us return to a more mature politician, who has real experience outside of politics and government. A 67k salary won't attract them.
  12. I'm led to believe David Cameron is on less than £150k to run the country.

    Fucked if I'd do his job for that kind of money.

    As pointed out its only of late we've become addicted to full time MP's as we see them as more dedicated to the job when in actual fact they spend most of their time trying to make money doing other things.

    If you want full time MP's you need to pay them full time money.

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  13. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    That's about 75% of MP's booted out of the houses of parliament then. About 90% if you include lawyers.

  14. Mp's are elected by their constituents, if they elect a monkey or fraudster so be it. MP's should be beholden only to their constituents with no other oversight at all.
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